Serrapeptase for Sore Throat and Mucus Control

Serrapeptase, the silkworm gut enzyme, has been found to stimulate sinus function and immune response. Double blind research suggests that sufferer’s of sinusitis, or rhinosinusitis (it’s sciency name), could feel relief from symptoms like congestion and facial pressure, by introducing the Serra Enzyme to their ‘inflamed’ sinus system.

serrapeptase and sinusitisSinusitis has two types.

  • Short term sinusitis, caused by allergies, environmental pollutants or a cold.
  • Long term sinusitis, which is a chronic infection lasting for more than three months.

Both types are classed as an inflammation of sinus’s soft tissue, which can often be a re-occurring nightmare for some people.

Scientific investigation into sinus infections now advocates that repeat prescription medications, and conventional treatments probably do not offer long term relief for the infected throat, ear and nose.

Serrapeptase is Natures Gift to Sinusitis Patients

There is mounting support that use of the Serratia E15 fibrinolytic catalyst, produced in the gut lining of the silk worm, can provide lasting relief for this type of infection, brought on by inflammation.

In clinical studies, E15 has benefited patients with chronic sinusitis because of its anti-inflammatory chattels. Researchers in Japan studied the effects serrapeptase had on viscosity and elasticity of nasal mucus in individuals suffering from chronic sinusitis.

Scientific Studies

It was found that the use of 30mg per day for a period of four weeks reduced both viscosity of mucus and helped to speed the elimination of lung secretions.

In a different study of 140 patients suffering from ENT diseases, patients being treated with serratio peptidase experienced a decrease in severity, pain, nasal blockade and body temperature, after four days.

They also enjoyed abated symptoms with swallowing and secretion production, compared to a ‘placebo group’ in the same trial.

Doctors graded the effectiveness of proteolytic enzyme treatment as good or exceptional in over 97% of the patients compared to only 21.9% of the placebo controlled group.

Another small study was carried out by otolaryngologists who treated a group of patients with serrapeptase, and compared the outcome with those in a placebo group.

The enzyme treated group showed significantly greater improvement in loosening sputum, expectoration and incidence of coughing.

Serrapeptase Used with Antibiotics

A double-blind study using 93 patients suffering from chronic rhinitis compared the use of cephalexin (an antibiotic) in combination with serrapeptase to a placebo.

Major improvement was observed in patients using the combination of antibiotic and the enzyme, compared to the placebo group.

antibioticsFurthermore, impressive conclusions have been observed in patients who have had a thoracotomy, and used serrapeptase in combination with antibiotic for recovery.

Cefotiam and serratiopeptidase was given to 18 patients after their thoracotomy while 17 others only got cefotiam.

The quantity of antibiotic found in tissue was much higher in the group getting the combination treatment compared to the group getting only the antibiotic treatment, which led to their faster recovery.

This silkworm gut catalyst has been used in Europe and Asia for longer that western doctors will ever admit. Money plays a big part here, because Big Pharma companies make too much money selling headache treatments, that may only offer short term solutions, while promoting long term side effects.

In the western world, the enzyme’s applications for betterment of human health are now being studied aggressively.

There are no known side effects to serrapeptase (for most people).

On a scale of one to a thousand where the thousand is highly toxic and one is harmless, Corticosteroids and Ibuprofen are at the top, near one thousand whereas treatment with this silkworm enzyme is close to one.

It’s crazy how medical professionals will practically give out prescriptions at will, for drugs that will put you back in their surgery waiting rooms.

But they will never (usually) offer you serrapeptase as natural treatment, neither will they offer nattokinase despite it also having many benefits.

Serrapeptase is not known to react with any prescription drugs.

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