The Real Health Benefits of Serrapeptase For You

I’ve been taking serrapeptase since 2013, and it has helped me with many health issues. In this article we will explain how it can help to reduce inflammation and pain, in just a matter of weeks (photo evidence below!)

Serrapeptase (also known as serratiopeptidase and serralysin) is a powerful nutritional enzyme supplement, and the principal anti-inflammatory protease in its class, ranking higher for its healing properties than all other proteolytic enzymes like nattokinase and lumbrokinase.

Finding an organic alternative to a harmful drug you can buy in a pharmacy, is a real plus for many people.

And if you are anything like me, then discovering the powerful anti-inflammatory and pain relief effects of this super-enzyme, it is a huge benefit in your life.

The Silkworm holds much healing power for the human body, with the serrapeptase enzyme health benefits.

Serrapeptase, originating from the gut of the silkworm, has wonderful health benefits for cancer patients.

It can also help improve and guard your cardiovascular health, and when combined with nattokinase, the combination presents a vicious problem for any heart disease development.

Serrapeptase protects the blood system, breaks down deadly substances and fights inflammation right throughout the body.

It has fibrinolytic actions, which means it breaks down excess fibrin in the blood. Fibrin is a protein that when acting normally, aids regular blood flow and clotting.

But when it is not acting as it should, the actions result in hyper-coagulation (dangerous thickening of the blood) and the forming non cancerous tumors.

On this page:

What is Serrapeptase?

Serratiopeptidase promotes a healthier inflammatory and immune system, supporting joint health, protecting connective tissues of the ligaments and tendons.

It also helps your lungs and respiratory system to function more effectively, helping to promote your overall well-being.

Serratiopeptidase is obtained from the isolated bacteria, serratia E15. In its organic form this is found in the intestines of the silkworm, but it is also harvested through fermentation for commercial reasons.

In its natural state, it is so powerful that the silkworm produces and uses this enzyme to escape its tough cocoon after it has turned into a moth.

It melts away the hard coating of the chrysalis so moth can fly off and begin its new life.

What is Serrapeptase Mainly Used to Treat?

  • Heart health
  • Throat infection
  • Ear infection
  • Sinusitis
  • Bronchitis
  • Laryngitis
  • Fibromyalgia syndrome (extreme stress and fatigue, including insomnia)
  • Varicose veins
  • Halitosis (bad breath)
  • Urinary tract infection (UTI)

That list is just some of the health problems that serrapeptase can help treat.

It is mainly used for its natural anti-inflammatory properties, so it is used to relieve a wide range of pains and infections, from a sore throat to the pain suffered from the effects of arteriosclerosis (ASVD) – chronic inflammation of the artery walls, causing them to harden and thicken.

The symptoms of arteriosclerosis are decreased blood flow, chest pain, possible arm pain and shortness of breath. In worst cases, heart attacks and even sudden cardiac failure/death has been reported.

Low density lipoproteins which cannot push bad fats away, which causes inflammation and artery wall damage - NattokinaseHeartHealthAlthough arteriosclerosis can appear during childhood, most serious cases have been associated with in their mid to late forties.

The problem is that when LDL’s (low density lipoproteins) are hindered, they cannot transport bad fats like cholesterol, triglycerides and phospholipids away efficiently enough, causing inflammatory thickening and damage to artery walls.

Prevention is always better than a cure, and we can see in the case of heart diseases like arteriosclerosis, it starts as early as childhood.

Although at this point symptoms are not life threatening, its worth remembering that if someone’s lifestyle is poor, the risk of contracting heart disease is naturally quite high.

The serrapeptase catalyst is highly recommended for protecting your heart health, because the heart is a vital organ and does much work throughout your whole life.

There are also real life accounts of serrapeptase helping to clear catarrh and the mucus caused by the common cold and influenza. And ‘they’ said that they can’t cure the common cold!

Women suffering breast engorgement and women with non cancerous cysts or growths in their breasts have also cured their symptoms.

Other health conditions that need further clinical studies and research on the benefits of serrapeptase:

  • Migraine
  • Other headaches
  • Asthma
  • Breast engorgement
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s disease & ulcerative colitis
  • Arthritis – rheumatoid and osteoarthritis

This list of health conditions is expanding all the time, as ordinary people like you and me report how this organic, immunologically proactive enzyme has helped them.

And the more people that come forward and express their honest opinions, means that many more people in the future will benefit from it. The same is said for the benefits which nattokinase has to offer.

The more people that understand it’s healing power today, and who share their experiences, more people in the future will get to know of its existence, and availability.

How Does Serrapeptase Work to Treat Health Conditions?

The silkworm and how it spins silk before transforming in to a moth - Nattokinase Heart HealthJust like it breaks down the hard shell of the silkworm cocoon, it attacks dead cells throughout the body; tissue and protein derivatives in blood clots, cysts and other inflammations, like hardening of the arteries (arterial plaque from atheroma – calcified swelling and inflammation).

It gets to these crucially damaged areas of the body by attaching itself to a plasma protein found in blood, called ‘Alpha 2 macroglobulin’.

Serratio peptidase will only break down and disperse dead tissue. It is without adverse reactions, or any danger to living tissue.

It also helps to dilute injury made fluids (pus), helping them to drain away from the injured area, which then accelerates the repairing and rebuilding of tissue.

This incredible little enzyme does all this without damaging ‘good’ cells and living tissue, which means it is a powerful natural treatment for heart and blood related conditions.

It can break down the bad stuff in your blood system, and just carry it away very safely.

Serrapeptase, Cancer and a Healthy Brain

Firstly, lets clear up something very important relating to cancer and the effects of the serralysin enzyme. It is not a cure for cancer.

But, studies have reported reduced swelling (in breast cancer), reduced pain relating to cancer and has been shown to prolong remission, helping cancer patients to live longer.

It does this by breaking down the fibrin coating of the cancer cells, exposing them to anti-bodies of the immune system which then do their best at neutralizing bacteria and bad cells.

There are also recent studies on serrapeptase and how it helps with brain health. Alzheimer’s and other brain diseases are now thought to be caused somewhat by inflammation, which is why more research needs to be done.

Serrapeptase Dangers

What are the dangers of serrapeptase, if there are any - NattokinaseHeartHealthWe’ve discussed the positives of taking this supplement, now lets talk about the dangers this enzyme might have for your body.

What do we know so far about this isolated bacterium, serratia E15? Well, we know that it attacks dead cells and we know that it dissolves blood clotting.

It is an anti-inflammatory that dissolves cysts in women’s breasts, it is a natural treatment for infections such as bronchitis, cystitis (UTI) and it is good for your heart health (reducing blood pressure and hypertension) and scales away the fibrin that coats cancer cells.

Even though the strict laboratory studies on E-15  have been conducted and deemed it to safe for most people, as with any medication or supplement, a small minority of people may experience some kind of consequence that might put you off taking it.

So although only a hand full of cases have been reported, they are definitely worth investigating and understanding, so you can make an informed decision on whether you should take it, or not.

One person expressed that not long after ingesting their enzyme supplement, they experienced an upset stomach and vomiting. Not wanting to rule the supplement out of their diet after one trial, they did try taking a further tablet days later but experienced the same consequences.

Important: We have read the safety information on several brands of the enzyme, and also on some authoritative medical sites, and all of them warn not to take it if you are prone to gastrointestinal problems and stomach upsets. Particularly if you are elderly.

So you must wonder if this person was either one of those people who does suffer tummy upsets and was perhaps elderly, or even neglected to read the label and therefore should not have been taking the supplement in the first place.

Another person (aged 70+) reported how they developed a cough after taking it, which aggravated their lungs. Again, an authority medical website which I find very informative declares that this enzyme could cause mucus secretions. But as with gastrointestinal problems, this was very rare. Again, notice their age.

Conclusion About Taking Serrapeptase

  1. On the scale of things, serrapeptase hasn’t been around for long in the United States (only just over ten years), but the Japanese have been using it for many hundreds of years. Plus, Doctor Hans Alred Nieper, a German physician, used this protease enzyme until the end of his career (before passing in 1998), to treat patients suffering from an arterial blockage.
  2. Is it safe? Absolutely, in most cases. To put things into perspective, the amount of people who should refrain from taking this supplement is minimal compared to the amount of people who are currently taking aspirin (for a heart condition), and who will eventually experience long term after effects from the drug.
  3. If you are elderly, the risks and dangers of taking are only slightly higher than someone on their thirties or forties.
  4. Enzyme therapy is safer than using NSAIDS (Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs) long term.

Can You Use Serrapeptase and Nattokinase Together?

blood pressure monitor - NattokinaseHeartHealthYes. And the beauty of it is, that the silkworm gut enzyme actually compliments the healing effects of nattokinase, because it halts the production of yet another enzyme, angiotensinogen, which causes high blood pressure and hypertension.

The benefits of using both together are almost miraculous, because of their complimentary behavior.

If you have constant headaches or migraines, or asthma, IBS, Crohn’s disease or arthritis, then this combination of natural enzyme therapies might help you to see the light!

Seriously, we all know how much work our body does every day, in particular our heart, which beats around a hundred thousand times per day, pumping over fifteen hundreds gallons of blood around your body.

So you owe it to the organs in your body, to do your very best, to be a healthy as possible for the rest of your long life.

This, in our opinion, should include a treatment of serrapeptase to reduce inflammation in your body, hindering ugly conditions and diseases that could shorten your life.

I use nattokinase for the purpose of improving my circulation and keeping my blood pressure normal (because I’ve had a DVT, and I also have a family history of heart disease), so I compliment and strengthen it’s healing power with this enzyme too, knowing that inflammation is kept to a minimum in my body.

** Updated 1st August, 2017 **

Here are two photos of my left leg, taken four weeks apart.

They’re not pretty, but I think you will see the massive difference in the quality of the veins in my leg.

No more lumps! I’m so happy.

And this was after just 8 weeks of taking serrapeptase supplements.

How my legs improved using serrapeptase - NattokinaseHeartHealth

Where Can You Buy Serrapeptase?

We use use and recommend Good Health Naturally, because of their high dose enteric coated supplements. Their capsules also contain MSM and trace minerals which aid absorption and how much your body actually uses.

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234 thoughts on “The Real Health Benefits of Serrapeptase For You”

  1. Hi Andy, I suffer cardiac fibrillation/arrhythmia, too high cholesterol/plaque in my tubes and high blood-pressure.
    Do you think Natto resp. Serra could be of help for the 3 problems, ESPECIALLY the fibrillation/arrhythmia.
    Which dosis would YOU take in my situation? (I got two ablations, but they didn’t change anything.)
    Thanks, and sorry for my bad English (70 years old) … 😉

  2. David Carter

    I have had two hernia ops in the same place within three years. The second op was laparoscopic and the surgeon told me he saw a lot of scar tissue that ‘could cause problems’. I have had pain and discomfort in the area for some time and recently took 80000iu serrapeptase three times a day. It seems to have mainly solved the problem but I stopped taking it when I read that serrapeptase could cause problems with the hernia mesh scar tissue. What is your opinion?

  3. Hi Andy
    I recently purchased Doctors Best Natto-Serra (Serra 40,000 & Natto 2000 per capsule) to replace Xarelto for DVT…I’m currently taking 2 caps 2x a day totaling 160,000 Serra and 8000 Nattokinase daily. I’m also on a 80% raw plant based anti-inflammatory diet and consuming 80oz of water and taking chlorophyll in my water. Been doing this for about 3.5 weeks and seen swelling disappear and I lost 20lbs and no more heavy leg or discomfort.

    Do you recommend a different dose ?

    I’m about to order the 120,000 Doctors Best Serrapeptase and the Nattokinase 2000 individually to increase dose. Please provide some insight on dosing recommendation. Thank you in advance:)

    1. Hello RP, thanks for reaching out.

      Sounds like you’re on the right track, but remember, there is no upper limit dose for serrapeptase.

      This is not the same for nattokinase, however. Keep to the recommended dose. I am currently taking GHN’s BlockBuster Allclear (a combination of both enzymes), and I’m finding it to work wonders, rather than taking separate doses.

      Regarding your choice of diet, I don’t recommend it. This is based on personal experience, and I now no longer eat vegetables more than say, once per week. They are not as good, in the long term, as we have been lead to believe for many years.

      I can say this with positivity, because about 18 months ago, I woke up one morning, and was ‘passing’ blood for about 6 hours!! I am still awaiting a colonoscopy (covid has delayed appointments)!

      But, that incident lead me down the rabbit hole regarding my own nutrition, and I learned that veggies can seriously damage your bowel.

      This goes against everything I had believed in for decades, but since I switched to a carnivore (and a little keto), my bowel has never been so healthy.

      I had suffered with IBS since a child, but that went away, literally overnight.

      I have never looked back!

      People to research: Dr Shaun Baker, Dr Paul Saladino, Dr Gabrielle Lyon – find them all on Instagram.

      Take good care of yourself.

  4. Kathleen Garast

    I have multiple and reoccurring external growths of non-cancerous keratosis lesions all over my body which I have chemically or laser removed. Have you come across any findings that Serrapeptase and/or Nattokinase can slow or stop these growths via the same mechanism as they impact scar tissue and cysts?

    1. Hi Kathleen, I don’t have anything in my notes for your issue sorry. However, I would say that serrapeptase is very good at eradicating dead tissue. I hope this helps.

  5. Lady Bug

    Hi Andy,
    I’m also trying out Serra and Natto and might come back later to talk about how/if it affected my health issue BUT I mainly came here to leave a huge THANK YOU to you. It looks like you are answering each and every question with the upmost sincerity and you seem to have genuine empathy which is often a rare find in the internet world. Please know that your kindness is not going unnoticed and your good work and words are impacting people more than you might know. Wishing you all the happiness in your day.

    1. Thank you ‘Lady Bug’, I sincerely thank you for wonderful comment. And please do come back and share your story and let us know how the enzymes helped you.

      Take care and I wish you the best of health.

  6. Hi,
    My partner was born with a bicuspid valve which has caused aortic stenosis.
    I’ve been giving her Vitamin K2 and serrapeptase for awhile now, would you say that’s a good combination or would you recommend something else.
    We’re trying to delay surgery for as long as possible, if not prevent it!


    1. Thanks for reaching out Clint, and I’m sorry to hear of your partners health issues. I don’t have anything in my research for your query I’m sorry, but as far as I’m aware K2 and serrapeptase work ok together. Sorry I could not help more. Andy

  7. Gary Carr

    I recently went thru Inguinal Hernia surgery with the Mesh inserted internally on the back side of the hernia. Surgeon says it is stronger way to do because the mesh is strengthened by scar tissue. Is taking serrapeptase or nattokinase safe to take since they may eventually weaken the mesh and result in recurrance of hernia?

  8. Hello Andy. I am wondering if you can take Lumbrokinase and Serrapeptase together? I have had multiple blood clots and have permanent scarring in my vein resulting in swelling issues due to the lymphedema it has caused. Thanks for taking the time to answer.

    1. Hi Kathy, I don’t have anything in my research for these two enzymes in particular, but I did a quick search and could not find any reason why not.

      Sorry I could not be more help.

      Wishing you the best of health.


  9. Beatrice

    Good day I just stumbled on this article very nice. Am having blockage on my tubes can I use serrapeptases if yes wat is the cost and the dosages to be taken before flushing the tubes.

    1. Hi Beatrice, thanks for your message.

      Yes. Take 2 (80,000iu) capsules, 3 times per day. You should also consider taking curcumin supplement, 1 x 3 times per day.

  10. Hi Andy, I just stumbled upon your article. It’s great! Thank you for the information. My question is; because serrapeptase needs to be taken on an empty stomach, can it be taken at night before bed? Also, I take MSM daily, can I take the MSM with the serrapepatse? Thank you again!

    1. Hi Dee, thanks for reaching out.

      I take my serrapeptase during the night .. 4 x 80,000iu capsules before I get out of bed in the morning. Then I take 1 or 2 during the daytime .. I find it hard to remember to take them the right times during the day, so nighttime works best for me. As for MSM, I believe that is organic, so I think you should be ok, but please do more research before taking both.

      1. Thank you so much Andy! Your fast reply is worth a thousand thank yous!! I’m just starting mine as of today. I plan on taking 40,oooiu for the first week and move up from there. If I should go another route please let me know when/if you have time. Meanwhile, have a wonderful holiday season!

  11. Hello there,
    I love your website… Signed up for the news letter.
    I must say that Soy always seem to worry me for many reasons like hormonal effects. From what I read on you site I think you say that natokinase is similar to lumbrokinase so do you not recommend them both being taken together? I have sluggish lymphatic system along with some other issues like fibroids and poor circulation and allergies. What about taking both Lumbrokinase and Serrapeptase?
    again, lovely website 🙂
    Thank you

    1. Hi Susana, thanks for reaching out. Yes, I believe lumbrokinase would be a great alternative for you.


  12. Hello Andy,

    I’m suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis, specially in my fingers, elbows and feet. I use sulfasalazine (from my rheumatologist) and Omega-3. I would like to add serrapeptase (40.000 SPU) and nattokinase (2.000 FU) once a day on empty stomach. Is it OK together with sulfasalazine or is it better to use serrapeptase only (without nattokinase)?

    Thank you very much and good luck,


  13. hajjah mohideen

    hi iam hajjah .iam was diagnosed with copd about 1 years ago.its serrapeptase realy work for copd.

  14. Hi Andy,

    Thanks for the article, it’s great help. I’ve vaginal wall scarring from a fertility treatment. It’s been 9 years since I got the scar, and I am wondering if Serrapeptase would heal the scar? Do you think I should add Natto? I’m Hypothyroid, so would that make any difference?
    I am planning on starting with a low dose.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Simi, thanks for reaching out.

      As far as I know, Hypothyroidism patients need to steer clear of soy products. So I think just serrapeptase would work better for you.


  15. Hi Andy,

    I am 64 years old. I have a persistent AFib with very minimal symptoms. I do sports and do not have any other limitations besides monitoring my heartbeat in intensive activity.
    I take 100mg of Aspirin daily and want to switch to a combination of Serrapeptase & Nattokinase. Is it a good/equal replacement for Aspirin and what should be the dosage of both to match the current Aspirin dosage.

    1. Hi Joel, sorry for the delay in replying .. your message slipped through the net!

      Yes, if you haven’t already done so, I think you would be better off with nattokinase and serrapeptase. I use both to keep my arteries and veins healthy, as I am also very active but need more than exercise to keep on top of things!

      All the best, Joel.

  16. Dieanne Congdon

    Thank you for your article. So helpful. My husband has a pacemaker. You mentioned foreign matter in the body in use with Serrapeptase….would that be considered a problem. Also he is on Warfarin. Would you suggest a combination of Nattokinase to slowly replace the warfarin? He is on a 4242422 mg dosage holding at an INR of 1.7. Above 2+ was causing bleeding of the prostate and a previous brain bleed. Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Dieanne,
      Yes, serrapeptase will be safe for him to take .. again, yes to nattokinase. After my recent improvements, I’d never go back to warfarin.

      I wish you and your husband the best of health for the future.
      Take care.

  17. Hi Andy:

    Thanks for the wonderful article.

    I’m 66 years young and I was recently diagnosed with severe aortic stenosis. My cardiologist wants me to have valve replacement surgery within the next three months. I would really prefer not to. I still feel good and walk or hike about 25 miles per week will no ill effects. I take vitamin K2 (MK-4 & MK-7) as well as a number of other supplements.

    The problem is twofold. My bicuspid valve didn’t develop correctly. I have two leaves rather than three. Apparently, two didn’t separate as they were supposed to. The other issue is that there is now substantial calcification on the valve. So, is there a possibility that Serrapeptase, used in conjunction with other supplements, could potentially remove the calcification on that valve? I realize that this wouldn’t do anything in regards to the leaves of the valve, but my hope is that removing the plaque might be enough to keep me off an operating table.



    1. Hi Mark, and thanks for your lovely message.

      Firstly, I’m sorry to hear of your dilemma, and I hope you’re able to find the right path to avoiding surgery. From my research, I think you’re going to see some great benefit from adding serrapeptase to your supplement regime for the calcification.

      Be careful though, that you’re not using a coagulant, then adding anti-coagulants to the mix .. my gut tells me this might be detrimental in some way (as you know, I’m no doctor, so don’t take what I say as red, please consult a medical professional before following anything I say! (disclaimer!))

      Mark, please come back in the future to update my readers on your condition. I truly hope the enzyme works for you, as it is working for me.

      Wish you the best of health.


  18. Can I take serrapeptase for my fibroids if I have sickle cell anemia?

    1. Sorry Judith, I don’t have anything in my notes for sickle cell anemia. But for fibroids, yes you can.


  19. Bidaitxu

    what do you think about the use of serrrapetase for a person who has fibrosis and lung cancer? I have read very good experiences with lung fibrosis but in a website about enzymes I have read that is better not to use when cancer is active, better when cancer is in remission. I have never read something like this and I am a bit confused. What is your opinion?

    1. Yes, I think you could benefit. If you read through some of the previous comments, you will find others in a similar position as yourself.
      I hope this helps .. I wish you a healthy future.


  20. Michelle

    Hi Andy,
    Would serrapeptase help get rid of internal scar tissue?

  21. Judy G.

    Hi Andy, thank you for this very informative article. I’m 57, female, and just had a blood clot in my lung, one in my superior vena cava, and due to having to take Cipro and other antibiotics for a UTI at the same time all of this is going on, I came out of the hosptial with swollen lower legs, rash on both shins, (they say due to poor circulation) and they put me on Warafin. I hate it. I desperately want to feel better and heal naturally if I can. This sounds like it’s right up my alley, however, I’m scared it will interact with Warafin. Can you advise? I really appreciate it.

    1. Hi Judy, thank you for your message.

      My research says that you are ok to use serrapeptase with warfarin, as there is no interaction between them. However, if you intention is to stop using warfarin, may I suggest adding nattokinase in its place, but don’t use it if you are still on warfarin.

      I hope this helps.

      Wishing you a perfect recovery.


  22. Deniz Temel

    Hi Andy,

    Thank you so mucj for great information in this page.
    I have nasal polys that i have been fighting for 16 years. I had 5 surgeries and i might have another one. I have chronic sinusitis and have no sense of smell. Always post nasal drip and polyps related asthma.
    I was diagnosed with Samsters disease. That is aspirin sensitivity. Not only asprin i am mostly allegeic to non steroidal drugs.
    Recently in our nasal polyps group, i came across one patient usig serrapeptase along with turmeric and rubbing the noise and cheeks with castor oil.
    I was wondering if you have any suggestion for nasal polyps. Do you think nattokinase would be helpful and complimentary to serrapeptase? My concern is what if nattokinase beheaves like asprin?
    Your reply is much appriciated!!

    1. Hi Deniz, thanks for your message.

      So sorry to hear of your health issues, and whilst I have no direct information in my notes for your condition, I did a little further research and I do believe serrapeptase could help you. Aspirin and nattokinase are very different, one is man-made the other is completely natural so again, I think you would be safe to try it.

      Before following anything you read here, please remember I am not a doctor and you should consult your own physician before using any products on our site.

      Wishing you the best of health for 2017.


  23. Todd Dusenberry

    Hi Andy,
    I noticed in one of your responses you mentioned mesh can be an issue when taking Serrapeptase. I have mesh from umbilical hernia repair and just started taking serrapeptase today. Is there reason to be concerned?

    1. Hi Todd, thanks for reaching out.

      My apologies for the late response, I have only just seen your message. I’ve just looked back through some previous comments to check, but as far as I know, you are ok to take serrapeptase without it affecting the mesh. It only affects ‘dead’ tissue, not ‘alien’ objects.

      I wish you the best of health.

  24. Hi Andy
    Does serrapeptase work for crohns strictures? Don’t believe I have any inflammation.
    Thanks katie

    1. I don’t have anything in my research sorry Cyndee, but on a quick search, I see that drug has several potential reactions, so my ‘guess’ would be not to add anything to it relating to blood/heart. Sorry I could not be of more help.


  25. jiLlian spinola

    Thank you so much for this informative article! I have been taking serrapetase for about a month, to treat my coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, and cholesterol. One of my arteries is completely blocked, and the stent which was placed has since become occluded. I am only 31 years old, with two young children, and am desperate to slow/reduce this! So far, my blood pressure has improved vastly, and I’ve also experienced a slight reduction in angina. Later this month, a blood test will tell me if my cholesterol has improved as well. I’d like to add nattokinase to my regimen, and I’m hoping you can tell me the proper and most effective dose, as well as the most effective dose for serrapeptase; dosing is something there seems to be a lot of conflicting information about. Thank you very much for your help! Regards, Jillian.

    1. Hi Jillian, thanks for the contact. Yes, nattokinase would work well with serrapeptase. As for the dosages, I always recommend taking the suggest dose on the tubs the capsules are delivered in.

      However, I did try the highest dose of serrapeptase 250,000iu, but this was too much for my digestive system. I am currently taking the recommended dose of Blockbuster Allclear, for various reasons and this is helping with many blood related issues I have. I hope this helps.

  26. Carmen Beck

    Hello. I recently had an injury on my son’s dirt bike. I fell off of the bike and the tire tore the tissue on my right hand from the elbow to the shoulder. As it has healed… there have been some lumps formed in the arm. There is one lump about an inch in diameter and smaller lumps that feel like there filled with some sort of liquid when I run my hand through the arm. I would love to get rid of these lumps. Do you suggest taking Nattokinase & Serrapeptase together.. it will disolve the lumps ?

    1. Hi Carmen, yes I think both could help you to remove scar tissue. Sorry to hear of your misfortune.


  27. Hello,I was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis scar tissue on the lungs from previous chemo treatment in the pass which have been in remission for a year. Do you think that serrapeptase will help me I need something because I developed sleep apnea from it.. And what dose do you recommend ?

    1. Yes, I think Serranol (a combination of serrapeptase and curcumin, plus more..) could help you. Follow the instructions for dosage, on the tub.

  28. I have been having problems with my feet. Severe pain when I stand for long periods at work. Especially my heels.I noticed I have several bumps sticking out. Calcium build up perhaps.I also suffer from inflammation throughout my body.I take Spirulina/ Chlorella and Organifi and just started taking Serrapeptase and Natto.I noticed I break out in a rash after taking Serra in the back of my head. Stopped for a day rash went away. Just started taking again today.Also can I take Cayenne and Turmeric Curcumin C3?My body is in constant pain.I understand Vitamin k and D3 helps to put the calcium where it is needed.

    1. Hi Terry, thanks for reaching out.
      I think you need to ‘trial and error’ with supplements, to see which work and which do not give you any bad reactions. But, I do highly recommend serrapeptase for inflammation and scar tissues. I believe a curcumin product would well with it as well for you.

  29. Hi Andy,

    I would like to know if my husband could benefit from serrapatase and nattokinase. He had a few back procedures and a lumbar spinal fusion that has left him with a web of internal scar tissue. He has also had a back stimulator put in, but it only helps a little. The scar tissue is causing him severe back pain and nerve pain down his legs. Thank you for you input.

    1. I think, providing that there are no foreign bodies/meshes etc (which could be affected by serrapeptase), then he could benefit from a combination of both. I don’t know anything specific about the items you mention, sorry. But scar tissue should disperse.

  30. How long should you discontinue nattokinase before surgery or epidural?

  31. Shirley

    Hi Andy, I suffer from Radiation Proctitis after treatment for cervical cancer. I have changed my diet to gluten free and vegetarian and this has helped the bleeding , but I need to know if Serrapeptase will help reduce the inflammation and occassional bleeding from the rectum

    1. Hi Shirley, thanks for your message.

      I don’t have anything in my notes for your problem sorry, regarding stopping the bleeding and I would not like to suggest anything. Serrapeptase will ‘clean’ the blood to a certain degree, but stopping any bleeding is another matter. Sorry I could not be of more help.

      Wishing you the best of health.


  32. Jeanna cantey

    I am a double lung tranplant survivor and experienced chronic rejection which caused scar tissue in my lungs. I am stable now but would like to regain some of my lung function if possible. I’ve been taking Fibrenza which has Serr & Nikk enzymes in it but I believe it’s a small dose. I have seen a small increase in LF. Do you recommend taking both or just Serrapeptase? Do you have a dosage recommendation? I do not have heart issues or high blood pressure but I do have partial clotting in my superior vena cava I have had for many years due to a port-a-cath. My dr approved me taking the enzymes FYI. Thank you!

    1. Hi Jeanna, thanks for reaching out.
      I don’t have anything specifically related to your health concerns, but if you are looking for a maintenance dose of both, I would suggest taking Blockbuster Allclear, which you can find on our ‘recommended products’ page above.

  33. Ann Lyons

    Thank you for your devotion to help others.
    I recently started taking serrapeptase, but want to know if you have any knowledge of Pyroluria? This discovery may have saved my life, being tested for Pyroluria after lifetime of extreme anxiety and then severe depression the last ten years. Unable and not wanting to fry my brain with toxic synthetic drugs, the addition of more zinc and B6 (P5P) (for me a TON due to severity of depletion) and some supplementary minerals for this increase in Zinc has been finally improving my health.
    The toxic withdrawal of copper and other metals from my body/brain has been hellacious, but I’m actually having livable days, first in many years. So my question is , what are your thoughts on serrapeptase and nattokinase dosing as very important amino acids to help repair one’s brain receptors for serotonin uptake naturally when on a strong Pyroluria protocol? Again, no meds are needed for pyrolurics, but lifetime need for larger than normal doses of zinc and B6 (P5P is safer than Regular B6 to avoid the neuro damage hi doses B6 can cause)
    This Pyroluria knowlege has been a phenomenal discovery for those families struggling with autism, asbergers, depressions, anger, anxiety, etc! I think that additional amino acids could prove also essential in the recovery protocol as well. Your thoughts greatly appreciated! Thank you again for your devotion to helping others.

    1. HI Ann, thanks for reaching out. I don’t have anything in my research for pyroluria, but I understand (a little) about it after a quick search.

      I think serrapeptase and nattokinase would be good for you, providing they don’t mix with any type of anti-coagulants. The serrapeptase will likely clean away scare type tissue and the nattokinase will work to clean your blood. I will email you with some information which you might find useful.

  34. Stephen Quinn

    It seems out of the blue, I got three blood clots in my right calf (DVT). I went a week thinking I had injured my leg simply by walking for exercise, but then got suspicious there was maybe a clot. An ultrasound indeed revealed two clots and a late one revealed three clots. I was put on apixaban (eloquis) and sent to see a vascular doctor one week after my ER visit. So far, there hasn’t been a blood study, but that is coming. I’m wondering if serrapeptase would help my clots go away(which the doctor said would take quite long to dissolve.) Also, do you know anything about eloquis(fairly new drug) and mixing it with serrapeptase. It seems doctors I have visited are not fans of supplements.

    1. Hi Stephen, yes I think a combination of serrapeptase and nattokinase would help you. They work wonders together! Yours is a common story/experience, regarding doctors opinions on this type of supplement.

      I hope you find the right healing soon.


  35. Jacquie

    My cat is very sick. He has been cateterized 3 times for blockages and recently had a PU surgery. The cat is still blocked and they believe it is from scar tissue from the cateterizations. Plus, he has a very small urethrea. They thought they detected stones so they opened his bladder and removed some crystals but no stones. The vet said his bladder looked very leathery I guess from retaining urine all the time. I do not think my cat will live but can I give him serrapeptase to eat the scar tissue? Will it affect the stitches? Also, how much serrapeptase should I give him and how often and how long would it take to dissolve some scar tissue? Thank you

    1. Hi Jacquie,

      Sorry to hear about your cat. Yes you can give him SerraPet. Just click through any of the images, when you get to the good health page, just use the search feature for serrapet and you will find more information there. I hope your cat finds relief.


  36. Hi Andy…
    I’ve been diagnosed with 4.4 cm cyst on right ovary…have been suggested for laparoscopy had ulcer issues and low mean corpuscular volume I.e 83.6 fl can I use serrapeptase….or would it thin my blood…suggest me the right dosage….. Thank you for all the efforts !

    1. Hi Kiran,

      Yes I think serrapeptase could help you. I recommend following suggested dose on the bottle, either 80,000iu or 250,000iu. You may wish to start with the smaller dose.

  37. Hi Andy
    I believe Serrapeptase might help vaginal, urethral, atrophy (post menopause) but I would like to know if it has excessive blood thinning properties. I am a “bleeder” and dont want my blood to become dangerously thin! Can you advise? THANKS!

    1. Hi Vicki, I think you would be ok with a lower dose of serrapeptase. Maybe try the 80,000iu dose. BUT, stay clear of nattokinase, as this will definitely thin your blood.

  38. Hi Andy, please help me. I always have mucus in my throat and my nose is always stuffy. That’s why i think i suffer post nasal drip because I never can blow my nose and my throat is full of mucus all the time. Moreover those mucus cause a bad breath and that’s affecting my personal relationships. I’ve already bought serrapeptase (Doctor’s Best one), it’s 120.000 iu. I wanna ask you if taking serrapeptase is gonna help me to remove those mucus.
    All doctors i’ve had had told me that my throat is just producing mucus because that’s how my throat works and i can’t change it (of course they’ve prescribed me medicines that haven’t worked)
    Other question is if i could be suffering of GERD or leaky gut? i’ve read so much about it (also about Candida) but i don’t know for sure…
    PD: I’m a spanish girl so sorry for my english!

  39. Kathleen

    Hi Andy,
    I have just discovered Serrapeptase. I am taking this with curcumin for sciatica and joint pain.
    As Serrapeptase basically dissolves foreign bodies,can you advise if it could safely be used to help my 12yr old grandson who has Autism.Being that Autism is caused by Mercury & bacteria in the gut & brain would Serrapeptase break these down.
    Thank you for your opinion Andy any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Kathleen, congratulations on your discovery. I think Serranol would be a better option for your grandson (after a little research..), together with perhaps krill oil, or another version of a quality omega-3 source, plus magnesium oil rubbed into the muscles and head (if its not too sensitive).

      Wishing you and your grandson the best of health.


  40. I have cystic breast what serrapeptase enzyme I should use to dissolve them

  41. Hi Andy, I have an extensive internal scar tissue on my neck due to my acdf or rhinoplasty? I cannot sleep and very discomforting. I feel like a big lump on my throat. Lately I have pain on my shoulders and arms. It is itchy and I cough. It feel that it is now in my lungs. Now I have in a lot of stress and I get anxious and depress. Now my immune system is so weak. I have always infection. My doctor prescribed me Plaquenil for my pain on my shoulders. But she told me I don’t have arthritis or Lupus. My test for ANA was neuclolar antibodies and the next test was negative. I am afraid of this internal scar tissue. Ive been having stomach ache. I already ordered this supplement. I want to try them. What do you think?

    1. Hi Melle, thanks for your message and sorry to hear of your pain.

      I don’t know much about ACDF sorry, but I do think serrapeptase will help with the scar tissue removal. My only suggestion would be to keep an eye on your ‘sensitive stomach’; in some cases, serrapeptase might affect the stomach. I experienced some discomfort taking a higher dose of serrapeptase a few months back, so I reduced my own dose to 250,000iu every other, or third day, and the discomfort disappeared.

      I hope this helps.

    1. I don’t have anything in my research for this, but I think it could help as it is a cyst. Please do more research, or consult your doctor before using serrapeptase though.

  42. hi Andy,
    I’m 68 years old, have diverticulitis disease in my ascending colon. Is it safe to take serrapetase ie will the weaken colon wall sort of break? Thanks

    1. Hi Brian, I don’t have anything in my research relating to your problem, but after some quick research, I think you could benefit from serrapeptase, curcumin supplement and also ‘Gastro Enzyme Therapy’ from Good Health Naturally. I hope this helps, sorry I could not be more helpful.

      Wishing you the best of health.


  43. John Byrne

    Hi Andy
    I was diagnosed 6 months ago with non-valvular AF and prescribed with Warfarin, which I have since changed to Apixaban ( newer Anticoagulant ). They are both scary and dangerous drugs and I would like to stop taking them and replace with a herbal remedy that will do the job – without the worry of internal bleeding. Would you suggest Nattokinase + Serrapeptase or anything else like Vitamin e ?
    Thanks, John

    1. Hello John, thanks for the message. I don’t have anything on this sorry, but if you’re looking to stay clear of ‘drugs’ that often cause more harm, than good, then I think you would benefit from nattokinase and serrapeptase.


  44. Can serrapeptase help to cure peyronies and what sort of dosage

    1. I am not 100% as I’ve not come across it before, but from what I know it’s a fibrous scar tissue build up, so I do think serrapeptase would help. As for the dosage, I would not like to recommend. I’m currently taking the 250,000iu but it is a little strong for my stomach (for information). It has seriously reduced my varicose veins in my legs, so I swear by it.

  45. Hey Andy.
    I have a 4yr daughter with sickle cell anemia. About one month ago, I started her on sarrapeptase and nattokinase, I also started her on morning a, liquid chlorophyll, echinacea, and even flo!! Which is new all natural vitamin said to help with Sickel cell. She often complains of minor pain in her stomach.
    What do you think about all this combinations. Am I doing too much?

    1. Hi Judith, sorry to hear of your daughters troubles. I nothing of sickle cell anemia, sorry, but after quick research I see one of the symptoms as abdomen pain. Could that be ‘normal’ for the condition? Maybe she is a little sensitive to serrapeptase. In rare cases, this might be the problem! I don’t know too much of combining all of these, but maybe it is a bit of over-kill and too much for her digestion to cope with (if they are all being ingested?!)

  46. Hi, I’m trying to conceive and my doctor recommends I take a baby aspirin during my entire pregnancy. I try to lead a very holistic life and so I would like to take natokinase as a blood thinner as well as serapeptase instead. I know the long term effects of aspirin.. Is natokinase safe during pregnancy and is it equally effective? Thank u..

    1. It is safe until the time of conception, then the advice is to stop taking nattokinase because of blood thinning. Serrapeptase is also safe to take after pregnancy, particularly during breast feeding as it can help reduce breast pain.

  47. Hello,
    Just wanted to know is this enzyme safe when used for bad allergies, asthma and nasal polyps used while breastfeeding? Thanks in advance. 🙂

    1. Hi Jamie, I know of some women who use serrapeptase to help reduce breast pain, while breast feeding. It can also help with nasal polyps, as for allergies, I don’t have anything in my research sorry. It might be a case of, I hate to say it, but ‘trial and error’ using a mild dose first to see if there are any abnormalities.

      I hope this helped.

  48. waseem saleem

    Dear respected sir
    What to do to remove old ptb scars on lungs.
    What you suggest to get rid of from this.
    Your answer will higly appriceated

    1. I don’t have anything in my research for this, but you may like to try serrapeptase and curcumin, but before you do, do your own due diligence.

  49. dee DEE

    Hi Andy, thank you for sharing you intellect and research. I have had seversl surgeries..csections,ventral hernia repair which was not done properly and had to be redone with mesh. My muscle wall s now wide open due to excessive straining..months after the straining and tearing from the ligaments, peritineal, etc, lots of inflammation i ended up with internal herniation and twisted bowels (due to tear and shift and adhesions) and then an intestinal tumor. It was removed but the other issues, tho promised to be taken care of when i agreed to the surgery, were not. Since i have been diagnosed with other growrhs, liver swelling, (dif radiologists commentef dif: ‘masses”, “cysts”, “fatty liver”, etc but it looked and felt like my liver was being pulled downward to me) I am a very healthy eater and have been for years (like, quit drinking cola mid 80’ lots of raw veggies) and exercise. I have been able, thru prayer. Budwig protocal, several supplements, antiangiogens, etc, gotten rid of some growths..BUT symptoms from first initial tearing (twisted bowel and herniation, sensations and symptoms of biliary blockage and more) have gotten worse recently and i’m experiencing sympyoms of bowel blockage. I KNOW this is ALOT but please bear with me. I have had 5 MRI and 5 CT AND 2colonoscopy, a ‘interactive MRI’ study of organ movement during bowel movement AND a few xrays and ultra sound over the past 7Yrs. Results though, varied, for example, the radiologist diagnosed organ movement hindering my bowels..i was dismissed with a “i disagree” from the doctor. I have gotten this same attitude from several spevialisys, SO i think (as three voiced) they are sacrificing my health to protect themselves ftom possible being involved on a lawsuit concerning the initial injury and possible mesh issues, etc..whch i couldnt care less to go thru.. It has been a LONG scary and painful 7 years..ANYWAY, i am trying to LIVE and have lost almost ALL trust in convention med doctors and need a turnaround. My mesh is not pigskin nut a is rippled but aa best i can tell Mostly intact. I do have internal herniation from tearing and adhesions that i believe are wreaking havoc I think serrapeptase will help. Yet i read once someone used it in high doses to CAUSE their mesh to be released. Have you any knowledge on that? And do you think it is likely my adhesions and thus, twisted bowel may be dissolved enough to relieve some of this? FORGIVE the long background but details but feel it best to make you privy incase it triggrrs a possible diagnoses or something everyone missing. I appreciate any thoughys and you help. God Bless

    1. Hello Dee Dee, thanks for your message. I am so sorry to hear of your pain and frustrations, but I can partly relate. I don’t have anything in my research relating to main question, but as the mesh is ‘manufactured’ my guess (and it is only a guess…) is that it would not be affected by serrapeptase. The enzyme will eat away ‘dead’ tissue and relieve your cysts somewhat.

      I wish you the best of health for your future, sorry I could not be of more help.


  50. Hi Andy, Its so interesting reading about the healing properties of serrapeptase. I just discovered it seems to be helping me sleep better amazingly enough. My chronic insomnia seems to be due to an Ace genetic anomaly I have which makes me release too much dopamine; so then by the time I get to bed, I have no dopamine left. The serrapeptase seems to be normalizing the dopamine so I can get to sleep finally! Its early days yet, but so far so good!! It is also supposed to be good against scar tissue I have from a childhood accident–which I believe since I used to take another fibronylitic agent (nattokinase) which unfortunately I am sensitive to. So far it is making me less sore in my injury sites. Most importantly, I believe the serrapeptase will help normalize my blood that tends to clot too quickly despite having low blood pressure. Apparently the Ace anomaly relates to the low bp and abnormal clotting too. It can even cause hereditary angioedema. Mine isn’t extreme, but its definitely there. So interesting to discover it comes about due to stress, and that so far, the serrapeptase seems to be helping contradict it. I have too high histamine levels to tolerate taking nattokinase (which I used to swear by but was still getting a histamine/amine reaction from it). So I am very glad I don’t react negatively to the serrapeptase. Its even helping clear my previously chronically plugged up sinuses!! Yay!! Thank you so much for posting information about this amazing healing fibronylitic agent.

    1. Hello Bea, thank you for taking the time to write this, I appreciate it a lot. I am glad to hear that serrapeptase is helping you in your daily life.

      Wishing you best of health.


  51. Hi Andy
    I appreciate you are not a doctor or a medical professional. However, neither my GP or Consultant are aware of Serrapeptase

    I have had surgery on my stomach, however, I developed a large incisional hernia that went unnoticed for months. This large hernia was repaired with a porcine mesh (pig skin) and there was some muscle damage. Furthermore, I have recently discovered that I have two seromas (blood clots). I’ve read that Serrapeptase can dissolve non living tissue etc. Due to the position of the seromas being relatively close to the hernia repair, is it safe to take Serrapeptase? I don’t won’t to damage the porcine mesh. I’ve tried to research this but to no avail any help would be much appreciated.
    Regards Rob

    1. Thanks for your message Rob. I’m a bit ‘stumped’ here, I would not like to say. The mesh is technically dead tissue I presume, so serrapeptase may be harmful to it. Sorry I could not be of more help.

  52. Hello I have a 1 cm small fibroid on my uterus , I bought serrapeptase few days ago with reclease , I haven’t started taking it but I will after my I am done the multisystem cleanser. My questions is should I just take it alone or do I need something else ? And I am also trying to conceive after this but my gyno put me on asprin 81 mg and folic acid for 3 months before trying . what is your suggestion ?

  53. hi wath is the diference of units or spu i have serrapeptase 250000 spu and any recomendation for me i seffer acid reflux and reumatide arthritis thank you!

  54. Crystal

    I have been suffering from a bartholin cyst for about 2 to 3 years now. My first bc turned into an abscess and was drained but came right back. My second one turned into an abscess and I began using homeopathic pellets such as Sabina and silica. Those barely worked. Then came back my third one. To prevent it turning into abscess #3, will serrapeptase help/work?!

  55. I bought a serrapeptase 40,000IU , because I had a bartholin cyst. The brand that I bought is “Amazing Nutrition” . As per suggested use, 1 capsule daily preferably with a meal. However , as I researched, it should be taken with an empty stomach. Just wanna ask, which is the best effective way?

  56. KrysTal

    Hello Andy,

    I have fibrotic components on my right upper lobe due to ptb. Can my lung scar fade by using serrapeptase? I just finished my treatment for ptb can i use serrapeptase to help clear out my lung scar? And may i know what dosage can i take? My weight is 53kgs. Please help, thank you very much and God bless.


    1. Hi Krystal, thanks for your message. I believe serrapeptase would help with lung scarring. I would not like to suggest a dosage, but Good Health Naturally now have a stronger dose available (which I am currently taking), which is 250,000iu (you can find this stronger dose on our ‘recommended nattokinase products’ page at the top of this page.

      Wishing you improved health.

  57. Jacqueline

    Are you familiar with Pulmonary Hypertension? I am taking nattokinase to thin my blood, and considering adding serrapeptase to reverse artery stiffening between the heart and lung. This, along with a mostly anti inflammatory diet, and daily walking.

  58. stephanie conner

    Would serrapeptase help with stretchmarks and scars? I also fell in Dec 2014 and banged my right knee pretty bad. Would it eat up any swollen scar tissue?

    1. I have nothing in my research about stretchmarks sorry Stephanie, but serrapeptase is a perfect solution for scar tissue. Good luck with your healing.

  59. I forgot to mention that I did the surgery because I had blocked tubes causing by scars tissues so I am trying to prevent them from build up again after the laparoscopic surgery. I am currently 15 days of recovery, could I start taking serrapeptase now or I have to wait for a few more weeks? Thanks

    1. Two weeks after surgery is generally considered a good time to start taking serrapeptase Annie. Thanks for your message, good luck with your recovery.

  60. Can I take serrapeptase right after laparoscopic surgery?

  61. Hi Andy,

    I suffer from esophigitus and gastritis and react badly to acid suppressing medication so am looking for a natural alternative. I currently take Pepzin GI but was looking for something else to help with the inflammation. I see that you have outlined some gastrointestinal disturbances in reaction to the enzyme, do you think it would be beneficial to this condition? Have you any experience with people that have used Serrapeptase for Gastritis and Esophigitus? My doctor had never heard of the enzyme, and is only happy to prescribe PPI’s or H2 Acid drugs, which are well known to be bad for you and dont help me.

    Thanks a lot for your time and information provided through your blog.

    James R

    1. Hi James, thanks for the question. I have recently read about a few people who took serrapeptase when they already had stomach upset. Their experience was not positive, so I would not recommend it. Have you tried natural/alternative gastro treatments? Good Health USA have something called ‘Gastro Enzyme’, which I hear good things about. Just click any image on this site, once you are on their site just use their search box.

      Unfortunately, most doctors have never heard of serrapeptase! Good with your self healing.

  62. Kael elle

    Hi Dr. Andy James, I was wondering if it could help cure bartholin cysts. I’ve had one drained 5months ago and it came back. I’ve read that many women with BC lives by it. Just wanted to know your thoughts about it. I had just bought a bottle of Serrapeptase and today is my 2nd day taking it. I’m taking 3 pills a day due to the imflammed cyst and for the pain. Please let me know what you think about it. Will it work? Thanks.

  63. Thank you so much for your reply, Andy. Quick clarification, so Blockbuster All Clear now comes in two formulas a 40,000 IU from and a 80,000 IU from; for both, a serving is 2 tablets. Are you recommending me to take a total of 250,000 IU of Blockbuster All clear per day OR 250,000 IU in each 3×3 serving? That part confused me a bit.

    Thank you so much, and I will definitely provide an update after my follow-up appointment.

    1. Yes, take 3 capsules per serving (9 per day), relating to Good Health product. If you use another product, use that as a guide to figure your dose. You’re welcome, please come back anytime.

  64. Katsuya

    Hi Andy,
    Thanks for getting back to me. I do have compression stockings, but I don’t really wear them. I occasionally have pain in my leg, but its not excruciating or anything. I’ve been taking Nattokinase and fish oil for about a month, but I didn’t start feeling improvement until after I started taking Vitamin E to go along with them. I also just started taking Pine Bark Extract a few days ago and the swelling on my leg seems to have gone down a bit.
    If I started taking serapeptase, do you think it’ll be dangerous to take all the other supplement with it?

    1. I don’t foresee any problems Katsuya, other thank my previous advice regarding blood coagulation (too thin!).

  65. Katsuya

    Hi Andy,
    I have symptoms of DVT in both legs. I have been taking Nattokinase, fish oil, and Vitamin E and I feel like it has helped. I recently ordered some Serapeptase 120,000iu. What doseage would you recommend in combination with Nattokinase, fish oil, and Vitamin E?

    1. Hi Katsuya, thanks for your contact. You have similar problems to me. Are you wearing compression stockings too? I find they help, but are not a cure! As you are already taking fish oil, on top of nattokinase, I would recommend following the recommended dosage. Be careful your blood does not ‘thin’ too much, it might cause you reverse problems in the future. If you do start having problems, its probably best to stop taking the fish oils.

  66. Hi Andy,
    Yesterday I was diagnosed with a 4cm cyst on my right ovary, a small uterine fibroid (also enlarged uterus, I guess due to the fibroid) and a uterine polyp. Dr is using the “watch and see” method; but I’d like to be more holistically active so when I go back they are all gone or at least significantly reduced. I’ve read this entire page, but what would you recommend for me and please specify dosage recommendations as well?
    1. Serrapeptase and Krill Oil
    2. Blockbuster All Clear and Krill Oil
    3. Blockbuster All Clear
    4. Other?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Windy,

      A combination of nattokinase and serrapeptase, I think would help you. So, BlockbusterAllclear – 3 x 3 times daily. Avoid food for thirty minutes after taking them. If you were to take krill oil, don’t take nattokinase as the combination might ‘thin’ your blood too much, and affecting blood coagulation, which might become dangerous. I have taken krill oil with serrapeptase, but not nattokinase. You may also like to add in curcumin 3 times daily, as this is a natural antioxidant also.

      If you wanted to take a higher dose of serrapeptase, you could take the 250,000iu and take nattokinase as well, which is a good combination.

      Good luck, please come back and let us know how you get on with your healing.

  67. Gillianmunster

    Hi Andy, Im looking to not only start myself on the serrapeptase, but I would also like to put our animals with certain joint and circulation problems on some, however I’m really not sure whether or not they should be on the same dosage as humans as I will be giving it to the 2 horses as well as our cat. Can you help me with this?

    1. Hi Gillian, thanks for the message.

      If you click through any of the images to the Good Health site, then use their search function, you will find s’errapeptase for pets’. They provide dosages for dogs and horses, cats too.

  68. Hi Andy..I have been taking Nattokinase + Serrpeptase for 1 month order from Matt..3000fu Serr…2000/Umg I suffer with Lymphema….do you think it would benefit me.

    1. Hi Bridgett,

      Sorry, I don’t have anything in my research for your condition, but if Lymphema is an inflammation of some kind, even cancerous, then yes I believe they could help you.

  69. Hi andy,
    I’ve been suffering from ibs, constipation. Will serrapeptase and nattokinase help me.

    1. Serrapeptase would help with irritable bowel syndrome, try the Serranol product on our recommended products page. The combination of ingredients, including curcumin and Ecklonia Cava and vitamin D should alleviate your symptoms. Plus, you may want to take a digestive aid as well, but make sure it is a quality products.

  70. Hi

    I was wondering if you think its OK to take Serrapeptase along with Rhiodola Root and 5HTP? I have Serrapeptase twice a day on an empty stomach and Rhodiola at home once eaten, and 5HTP with lunch. I suffer from chronic tension headaches and muscle spasms which I believe could made worse by anxiety and sleepless nights which I suffer from for some reason.

    Thanks for your help.


    1. Hi Cat,

      I don’t have anything in my research for Rhiodola root or 5HTP, but I know that the former may increase blood pressure slightly in some people, which works against serrapeptase (which helps to lower BP). So I imagine the negative would be cancelled out by serrapeptase, but I could not confirm this. The root is also a blood thinner to some degree, which may have a negative interaction with serrapeptase, so you should be careful if using them together. And definitely don’t use either of these with any prescribed blood thinning medication.

      As far as I know, 5htp is wonderful for the brain, increasing serotonin and alleviating symptoms of depression and anxiety, but as for any interactions, I really don’t know. I could not find anything negative on this.


  71. chantelle

    is there any time frame i could be looking at for a cyst? I know it is different for everyone but is there a general idea for something such as a cyst? My first day taking serapeptase was nice. It eased my discomfort almost immediately but today it feels like a pinchy stinging feeling… im wondering if it is possible to feel the breakdown or if im just going out of my mind with this stupid thing… Im going to double up on my dosage unless u state otherwise and *fingers crossed be rid of this very soon! Not enjoying the idea of another surgery!

  72. Chantelle

    Hi, I have been suffering with a bartholin gland cyst for about 12 years now. It abscessed a week ago and i took (am taking) antibiotics for it. The pain of the infection is gone but the fluid remains. I started taking serapeptase today in a last ditch effort to be rid of this thing! Do you think it will be successful? Any idea on when I should expect results? I only ask because my next step would be a surgical procedure that I am avoiding at all costs and I am unsure of a time frame. I have the 120,000ui. I took one this morning on empty stomach and another just now. Is this an ok dosage?

    1. Hi Chantelle, sorry to hear of your conditions. I didn’t have any knowledge on bartholin gland cysts, but after a search on some medical sites, I see that serrapeptase is really helping people with the condition. As for dosage, I believe you could take double that dose, as Good Health Naturally have just release a 250,000iu capsule. If it is any different to that, I will leave a further message hear for you in the next 24 hours.

  73. Catherine b

    Hi there

    I’ve had swelling and pain in my heel for a year and the doctors have been a bit puzzled with my case but they believe I have a small piece of nexrotic/infected bone in the heel bone, causing the swelling. They suggest a biopsy to test the area and confirm their suspicions then an operation to remove it. I’m only 26 and would like to avoid the op if I can as its in a tricky spot and it’s going to be months of healing time.

    My naturopath thinks serrapeptase and diatrom Earth (silica) could break this down over time naturally. I have been on blockbuster all clear for three weeks taking 3 capsules 3 x a day but had no relief. So For a week I’ve been taking 4 capsules of the 250,000iu 3 x a day.

    I would love to know if you think this might help my issue and if so how long you would expect until I start to feel better. I’m getting married in January and desperately want to walk down the aisle pain free!!

    Thanks so much.


    1. Hi Catherine, thanks for your message. I have not come across this before, so could not say exactly. However, as there are no adverse effects to serrapeptase, it is definitely worth trying before surgery I think. Also, you may like to try additional anti-inflammatories like curcumin and/or astaxanthin, which can be found in krill oil or in capsules by itself. Good luck for your wedding, I really hope you can walk down the aisle pain free.


  74. ian underwood

    My wife and I have been taking these for 6 months and can attest to the benefits but we will be taking a long haul flight and wondered would the serrapeptase help with swelling legs on the plane !

    1. Hi Ian, thanks for the message. Yes, serrapeptase will help, but you may also like to read about nattokinase, as this is a better blood thinner, and both of them can be taken together offering greater protection. Keeping my blood ‘thin’ is highly important to me, as it is I imagine for your wife, which is how I initially discovered nattokinase. It made a huge difference to my life.

      I hope the trip goes well, for you and your wife.

  75. Will serrapeptase help with fibroid? If yes how much Shd I take and Shd I take it in an empty stomach? Fm your site, I understand nattokinase will help with fibroid, can you pls tell me the dosage & should I take it in an empty stomach first thing in the morning?? Is it better to take both for my fibroid or just nattokinase is fine. Many Tks

    1. Yes, take nattokinase and serrapeptase together, on an empty stomach or 30 minutes before eating. Blockbuster Allclear may be your best option, 3 capsules x 3 times a day. Plus, you may want to also consider taking Curcumin as this will also help shrink the fibroids.

      Also, consider eliminating all things containing sugar/glucose from your diet, and follow as natural a diet as you can. A ‘natural’ diet will work with the supplements, helping to treat your problem quicker.

  76. Hi Andy,
    Does one have to wait 30 minutes after taking serrapeptase before eating or waiting two hours after eating before you take it? Also, does this also apply to nattokinase? Thanks

  77. Hi,
    Would you suggest serrapeptase for bilateral fallopian fimbrial blockage due to history of tuberculosis. ?
    Have taken treatment for 1 year.
    I have undergone hsg and laparoscopy. In laparoscopy it was revealed that some calcified material was also attached with tubes.
    What can I do to unblock them naturally.
    I have already failed 4 ivf transfers and am desperate to conceive. Please help.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi GSN, thanks for your message.

      I don’t have anything in my research for your condition specifically, but serrapeptase does break down calcified materials and dead cells in the body.

  78. Thanks Andy. I was researching decalcification of the arteries and read that drinking apple cider vinegar in water with meals will helps remove the calcium buildup. I know it works wonders on cleaning hard water buildup and lime deposits so I wonder if this might actually help. What’s your opinion on this Andy?

    1. You’re welcome Edward. I know nothing of apple cider vinegar regarding the body sorry, so I would not like to comment.

  79. Does serrapeptase reverse atherosclerosis or in any way reduce the buildup? Thanks

  80. Hi,
    For some time now, I’ve been having poor circulation due to macrocytosis (none of my doctors can figure out WHY I have macrocytosis), AND I’ve also been having erratic bowel movements (have already been found NEGATIVE for different gastro diseases, AND for food allergies)…I recently started taking serrapeptase (without any bad “other ingredients”), and my gastro symptoms got worse (btw, I’m NOT elderly)…
    To sum up, I NEED serrapeptase for my circulation, but I can’t seem to tolerate it…would nattokinase (or some other good probiotic supplement) help me tolerate it? Or would taking an enzyme BLEND with the serrapaptease do? (Btw, I ALREADY try to consume as much organic and fermented foods/drinks as possible.) THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR RESPONSE.

    1. Hi Liz, thanks for your comment.

      I am sorry to hear of your conditions – my first idea is that perhaps you are ingesting too much ‘fermented/enzyme’ based foods. Your body may tolerate the serrapeptase on its own, but perhaps the elements in the probiotic foods are not mixing well. You could try taking ‘Blockbuster all clear’, which is a blend of serrapeptase and nattokinase, but I think (although probiotic/organic food is the healthiest option), maybe cut down on the probiotic foods for a while and see if your tolerance level for the serrapeptase levels out.

  81. Hi Noor, thanks for the contact.

    Regarding ‘eye floaters’, please see Pauls comment above.

    Regarding high blood pressure and cholesterol, yes, serrapeptase would help. You may want to consider taking nattokinase too (or even by itself), just speaking from personal experience. Nattokinase worked wonders for my blood system.

  82. Hi Andy,
    I have eye floaters, high blood pressure and cholesterol. Would serrapeptase help? What would be the dose to take on daily basis? And regarding eye floaters, what is your recommended dose per day? Is it 80 000iu per dose 3x a day?

  83. Hi Andy,
    I am suffering from foot condition called morton’s neuroma for almost 3 years now. The pain is so excruciating that I am unable to walk or stand anymore. It was initially in my one foot, now the other foot also having similar symptoms. I have everything done that is recommended from resting, icing, physical therapy, cortisone and ethanol injections in both of my feet in series of 2 and 10 respectively. But it’s all temporary relief. I have also taken SerraGold in the past bottle of 60 caps, I took 1 cap twice day, it did not help.
    Would you please guide me how I can take this enzyme again and what would be the recommended dose, strength, and for how long I should take before seeing the results? Do different brands work differently in therapy?
    I really don’t want to go for surgery as the success rate is very less and the neuroma reoccurs.
    Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi Sonia, thanks for your message.

      The maxiumum dose is recommended at 80,000iu x 3 capsules per day. For a serious problem like this, you may need this. I don’t know much about the condition sorry, but if it is something than can be treated, then cured, you only need such a high dose until you are happy. The brand I use (for my own supplements is Good Health Naturally), if they are the same iu’s as other brands, they should work the same way. You may also want to look at using nattokinase, cycling with serrapeptase as one compliments the other.


      1. Thank you for your reply Andy, sorry for getting back late. I am going to try the Good Health Naturally brand and going to take now 80,000IU x 3 daily along with Nattokinase. Is there any specific dose and strength for Nattokinase that I should be taking?

        Thank you again.

        1. Hi again Sonia. Just follow the recommended dose of nattokinase, as you’re taking it with serrapeptase. Although you can take more, it may ‘thin’ your blood, preventing coagulation, so be mindful of this.

  84. Hello! 3 questions: I have cataracts developing and also uterine fibroids. Will serrapeptase help clear those conditions? Do any supplements interfere with the action of serrapeptase (for example zinc and the b vitamins)? And is it safe to give serrapeptase to my 12 lb. diabetic dog who also has cataracts? Thak you for this service.

    1. Hi Kathi, yes to all three questions. Regarding your dog, I’ve recently had correspondance via email with a lady who cured her dog of a sinus cavity and swelling. The only thing I am not sure of is the diabetes factor, but serrapeptase can help humans with diabetes, so I do think it would help your pet.

  85. I take 80,000 iu’s twice a day. It has many claims to it but what I know it treats very well it inflammation pain. Lymph in the chest area, heartburn like symptoms, or bronchitis.

    It works better than anything I have tried not really sure why. I think it breaks down dead tissue/scar tissue that causes the pain instead of acting of the inflammation itself which makes it the best way to go about it. So I think it would be ideal for recovery on direct injuries/some kinds of chronic pain for most people.

    The only reaction I get from it is hunger, because 30 minutes after taking it I’d better have food ready to eat because my stomach is voicing demands. So if your prone to overeat anyways watch taking it several times a day or daily because if your anything like me 1 pill will equal 1 meal to be had. If you under eat try it because it really does press the hunger button.

    1. Thanks for your message Fred, it’s always great to hear a success story like yours. Interesting stuff about hunger, thanks for sharing your wisdom.

    1. Hi Paul, thanks for the message.

      Eye floaters are a very complex condition, as far as I know, which requires quite an ‘involved’ solution. Although, you could try taking 4 doses per day (250,000iu per dose), plus you should eliminate sugars/carbohydrates from your diet at the same time. If my memory serves me correct, from my research, this should help.

  86. nana akua

    Please I hv batholin cyst n inflammation on my joints do you think Serrapeptase can help me though mine arrived today? And can it be taken with Iodine supplement? Thank You

  87. Thanks for the reply Andy.

    Does Vitamin K2 thin the blood?

    1. I don’t know too much about k2 (but I’m going to research it now!), but yes it does have anti-coagulant properties from what I have read so far.

  88. I was doing some internet research on reversing calcification and found a study done in the Netherlands with results that supplementing with vitamin K2 was shown to reverse calcification. What’s your opinion on this and can I supplement with K2 while taking the Serrapeptase and Nattokinase? Thanks

    1. From what I’ve read about K2, I think you could also benefit. But I would be careful about using any more blood thinners at the same time. Blood which is ‘too thin’ can be very dangerous.

  89. Hi Andy,
    Thank you for the quick reply! For the nattokinase, is that 80,000iu daily. Should the doses be divided into two or three doses throughout the day?
    On another issue, I had been taking calcium supplements daily for years, I was taking 1,000mg daily plus almond milk that was fortified with calcium. During this time my Vitamin D3 levels were low and I always wasn’t getting any Vitamin K. I stopped supplementing about eight months ago with my only calcium intake from veggies, an occasional greek yogurt or fortified almond milk. From what I’ve read, it’s a possibility that I may have caused calcification to my arteries and other areas of my body, which may be the reason for the inflammation in my body. My question is, will the serrapeptase or nattokinase help reversing the existing calcification that my possibly exist? Your comments are appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    1. 80,000iu was for serrapeptase, nattokinase recommended dosage is 2,000fu which is one capsule. For the calcification, I am unsure of a complete reversal, but the combination should definitely help (from what I’ve read, and understand). Regarding calcium, if you still require supplementation, you may want to look into magnesium oil. If you didn’t know, it is absorbed via the skin and provides a lot of healing power, including calcium. I generally use it when I get sore joints, as I am in the gym most days. It alleviates a lot of pain too. If you want more information, I can email you, just let me know.

  90. Hi Andy,
    I hope you are doing well. My question involves my extremities. When I perform any physical activity like mowing the lawn or taking a brisk walk, my legs and arms will get sore. My extremities also have a tendency to get cold very easily, especially when I am in a cooler environment. It seems my body has a lot of inflammation which is chronic in my opinion. From my research the inflammation may be attributed to a leaky gut. I know you are not a doctor, but from your experience and knowledge would taking serrapeptase and nattokinase help with my health issues, primarily the soreness in my extremities? Also, how much per day should I be taking? Currently I am taking curcumin and ginger to help with my inflammation, but not too much relief. Even anti-inflammatories don’t seem to help much. Any comments are appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Hi Eddie, thanks for your message.

      Firstly, I am sorry to hear of your troubles and I hope you find relief very quickly. I am sure that serrapeptase will help you in every area, it’s not a ‘targetted’ substance, so should help all over your body. As for dosage, 80,000iu is the normal dosage (GoodHealthUSA), but in the past I have doubled it, but only for a short period, when I’ve had problems.

      The same for nattokinase, double dosage, but only for a week or so, then back to the recommended dose. Nattokinase works really well with serrapeptase, but I am not sure you would want to take curcumin as as well. And I would also say not to take anti-inflammatory ‘drugs’ at the same time, you don’t want your blood becoming too thin!

      I hope this has been helpful Eddie, please let me know if I can help further, just come back anytime.


  91. michelle

    Hi Andy,
    Can I take serrapeptase if we’re trying to conceive? I also have a fibroid. TIA

    1. Yes, I believe it could help you. Plus, you may want to try taking maca also, as this can help to regulate the thyroid as far as I am aware. I have not tried it myself yet, but I have heard great things about Maca.

  92. nabil Khan

    Since May 2009 I have been suffering with chest pain. All tests have shown it is not cardiac related. Endoscopy was clear, lungs clear. But the pain comes when bending forward with full stomach, walking faster than normal ( worse after food) cold weather, or nay sudden stress. Not been able to swim more than 50 meters without stopping and resting for 5 minutes between. I have stared taking Serra enzyme 250,000. iu twice a day since one month and I have begun feeling a bit of change in the pattern of my painful condition. My question is this. ” Can it really be doing some healing or is it my imagination, and is it too early yet for complete healing and thirdly will it ever cure me completely”. I shall be most grateful to receive your comment per my email above. I am prepared to pay you for your opinion. Sincerely Nabil

    1. Hi Nabil, thanks for your message.

      Yes, I believe that the serrapeptase is doing it’s job, which is great to hear. I think if there was ever any natural product that could clear up an inflammation like the one you describe, serrapeptase is the one that could do it.

  93. I’ve been researching Serrapeptase and Nattokinase all day and I’m excited to try them. I have many things this can help with me with. The one answer I am not finding is if these products can be taken long term. Or do you take them for 3 months and then take a break for 1 month? What do you suggest on how long to take them?

    1. Hello Dee, thanks for your message.

      Although there is little research done on the long term use of both serrapeptase and nattokinase, there is also no one ‘body’ stating not to take either of them on a long term basis. That being said, I take them intermittently, on a ‘when needed’ basis. I use serrapeptase for longer periods, then swap nattokinase for krill oil, as that is also great for protection from ‘thick’ blood (as well as many other benefits).

  94. Hi Koen,

    Sorry to hear of your health problems, I really hope they are behind you now. From everything I’ve researched and now know about serrapeptase and nattokinase, I can only assume that you would benefit from one or both. If you’re not taking blood thinners any more, there is nothing stopping you taking nattokinase as well as serrapeptase. But to make sure, remembering we are not doctors, you should talk to your doctor first.

  95. Hi Andy, I discovered serrapeptase on the internet a few weeks ago, and I ordered a bottle of serrapeptase which arrived today. Two years ago I had a mild stroke, with lasting consequences. The years before my stroke I had tias almost daily, but the doctor and hospital were not of any help in order to prevent a stroke. Afterwards the hospital subscribed blood thinners and chlolesterol suppressors (statines). I took statines for more than a year, then I read internet info about the huge side effects of statines, stopped taking those statine pills and also stopped with the bloodthinner. Although my arteries are in good condition I want to prevent internal blockage, so I decided to take serrapeptase for a while (empty one bottle, 1 pill a day). I wonder what it will do with the scar tissue in my brain, and also how much time interval makes sense before buying a second bottle of serrapeptase. In order to improve my blood, I eat a grapefruit daily. Thanks Andy, for all the good information on your website.

  96. Thank you for your answer and time. For how long I should take serrapeptase/nattokinase? Until I clear the arteries or even after?

    1. You’re welcome. There is no reason why you can’t take nattokinase as a preventative measure, which is why I take it. As far as I’m aware, the same goes for serrapeptase. There are no adverse effects to either, unless you take them with prescribed anticoagulants.

  97. Hi, i am diagnosed recently with atherosclerosis and so called diffuse cardiovascular disease. I also have slightly increased blood pressure, varied from 120/80 trough 140/90.My cardiologist prescribed to me lipitor, baby aspirin and ACE inhibitor. I am only taking baby aspirin for now, as I would like to try everything natural first, having in mind side effects of statins, but also ACE inhibitors. Currently I am taking omega 3, vitamin D, 5-6 grams of vitamin C and 4 grams of lysine per day (Linus Pauling therapy). I am feeling better now. Do you think I should take serrapeptase alone or in combination with nattokinase? If so, which quantities. Please I know you are not doctor, but tell me from your experience.

    1. Thanks for your message, I am glad you are on the mend. I would be careful of taking aspirin with nattokinase, omega-3’s or serrapeptase. Aspirin, combined with these naturals may thin your blood too much. Also, the combination of high strength omega-3’s and nattokinase, could cause the same problem.

      However, you could take serrapeptase with krill oil (my preferred source of omega-3 fats) and cycle it with nattokinase. For example, for 6 weeks take serrapeptase and omega-3’s, then serrapeptase and nattokinase for 6 weeks. Either way, I would talk more with your doctor about using any of these with aspirin.

      I hope this was helpful, and your recovery to top health is swift. Andy

  98. Claudia

    I recently quit smoking marijuanna (6 weeks clean, 14 year habit/addiction ) and quit smoking cigarettes ( 2 years quit, 11 year addiction) . Will taking this enzyme supplement assist my attempts to cleanse my lungs? I’ve taken up cardio exercises, lots of walks/hikes, and drink licorice tea.

    1. Hi Claudia, thanks for the message.

      Congratulations on quitting the habits, well done. I imagine you already feel better, health wise, but serrapeptase would also help your lung and bronchial system even further. Keep exercising, eat healthy and you’ll feel a little better, every day.

  99. Rick Burton

    Can I take both serrapeptase and nattokinase at the same time with the krill oil that I am already taking (on an empty stomach in the am)?

    1. Hi Rick, thanks for the message.

      Nattokinase can be used and complimented with serrapeptase. However, taking nattokinase with krill oil may bee to much for your blood system and may make your blood too thin. I alternate between nattokinase and krill oil myself, so perhaps try that before taking all three together.

      I hope this helps.

  100. Hi Ana,

    Yes, I think someone with Alzheimer’s can take serrapeptase, but to be sure you should always check with a medical professional. I do not know about the other medications, however.


    Hello I am from Brazi and I heard about this enzyme. I would like to know if it is possible that a patient with Alzheirmer’s disease take it. I also would like to know it there is any problema with the other medicines ( Exelon, for instance).
    Thank you, very much.

  102. HI Andy, I have a problem, I am 20yrs and I found out that I have acute ischaemic infarct involving right internal lapsule& basalgarglia. Can u tell me what can cause that problem, can it be a blood clot to my artery to my heart or brain. can i use Serrapeptase. thank u.

    1. Hi Isha, thanks for your comment.

      I really would not like to comment or make any recommendations on your condition because I’ve never heard of it. Why don’t you speak in depth with your doctor about this, it appears to be quite a serious health problem. I do not know if Serrapeptase would help. Sorry I could not be of more help to you.

  103. Hi Andy I have Tardive Dyskinesia , High blood pressure, and now teeth related matters. My medication i take daily includes 1 x blood pressure tab, 3 xdaily drugs for anxiety, stress, and dyskinesia. Total 11 per day. Botox injections every 3 months. Last year i developed an ulcer on ankle . After op to shrink varicose veins to both legs ulcer healed. Penicillen did not help. presently have abcess under a tooth, gum swollen ,painfull. Have taken 4 brands penicillen and have had it drained surgically twice. Do you think your combo. would help.I am in early 60′ s. Thanks for this site.

    1. Hello, thanks for your comment.

      I understand what Tardive Dyskinesia is, but I have no information regarding nattokinase and/or serrapeptase on this. For high blood pressure, yes, the combination could be a great help to you. However, you should consult your doctor regarding taking these enzymes with any blood pressure medication. (please remember that I am not a doctor, merely a health enthusiast with similar problems) I feel you could benefit not only from the blood pressure reducing effects of nattokinase, but also the anti-inflammatory effects of serrapeptase. I wish you the best of health.

  104. Lauressa

    Will the pill help to unclog my blocked Fallopian tubes

  105. What about a person who was told have emphysema but shows no signs of the disease yet??? He does take supplements but what about your combination??? Any comments are appreciated.

  106. will this work to remove pollyps…that are causing daily bleeding..non cancerous…im trying serrapertase..recommended by a herbalist…ty

  107. Hi Andy,

    If you had an appointment to have some wisdom teeth extracted, or other minor surgery, would you discontinue use of the 2 products beforehand? And if so, how long before?
    Would you resume immediately afterward or wait a few days?


    1. Hi Diana,

      The general consensus is to stop taking either product 2 weeks prior to surgery of any kind, then to start immediately back with serrapeptase following surgery to reduce the effects of any inflammation. For nattokinase, at least 7 days or more seems to be recommended as this is the main ‘blood thinner’. However, please confirm this with your doctor before taking any actions.

      Thanks for the message, I hope all goes well.


  108. bong urbano

    i have a lung scar this serrapeptase with enzymes can removed my scar at the lung

  109. Marlene

    Hi Andy:
    Have you any knowledge of taking Serrapeptase for non-malignant tumours which appear at various points in the body. Currently the person has a specific radiation treatment to inactivate them and to get relief until the next one appears. This person is married to an MD and has absolutely no knowledge of alternative treatments. Before I suggest taking Serrapeptase it would be helpful for me to have more specific information. (I am not a doctor…just a concerned family member.)

    1. The information that I could find for you suggests, similarly to nattokinase, that serrapeptase is already being used to treat non-malignant tumours, and very successfully too. I will email you further information.

      1. Jeanne mcfate

        Dear Andy,

        My husband had a heart attack in July and was placed on Plavix and baby aspirin plus Lipitor. He has already stopped taking the Lipitor due to side effects.

        He is having side effects with Plavix as well, but due to the stent that was placed in his main artery, he is cautious about switching to nattkinase.

        If he does switch, how would he transition to the nattkinase?

        1. Hi Jeanne, thanks for your message.

          Plavix is used to prevent clotting, but it will not dissolve clots. Nattokinase can dissolve the clots, but with aspirin involved too, this may be dangerous all around.

          I can’t give any advice on how to go about the switch, but I feel that enzyme treatments, which work wonders for many of my readers, would be safer all around once you find what works best. Although the drugs work now, there is huge risk of long term damage, which your doctor probably hasn’t told you!

          I wish your husband a speedy recovery.

  110. janice mclaughlin

    Hi I was wondering if I could take these I will be turning 53 yrs old in a couple of months and i am having pain in my lower legs so that it could help with cirulation thanks

    1. Hi Janice,

      Yes. That is the reason I take these enzymes, poor circulation. I suffered for a long time, but now life is much easier.

  111. Diana Reese

    Hello, I have Thrombocytopenia and rheumatoid arthritis – is it ok if I take serrapeptase, mangosteen, shilajit and omega 3 all together? It might sound stupid, but I really wanna try all of these for my inflammation and joint pain, I don`t want to start with the methotrexate because of all side effects and think that all this stuff will help me, but please let me know if i can take everything together. Thank you

    1. Hi Diana, thanks for your message.

      Please understand that I am not a doctor, so could not give you a definitive answer based on medical practices. However, I do take omega-3 (krill oil is my choice, as it is more easily absorbed by the body and is far superior to fish oils etc), and as you can take nattokinase with serrapeptase, my ‘guess’ (and its only a guess) is that it would be ok.

      I don’t know much about the other two products sorry. If it was me, I would try adding one in at a time and trialling. But be careful not to over do it with blood thinning. Although my circulation is much better, my feet and ankles are hardly swollen any more, I do get nose bleeds from time to time and they take longer to stop now. (that is because of nattokinase and krill oil), but I think you would be safer with serrapeptase and krill oil (or you choice of omega-3 fats), then just add the other products to see if you get more relief.

  112. Hi. Just got my order of serrapeptase today and waiting til I have an empty stomach to begin taking it. I have arthritic knees and it was recommended by a friend to try. However, I have been reading about the benefits to the heart. I was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy a few years back but my heart doctor was amazed how my heart regained strength just by changing to a total plant-based diet. However, I do have left branch block and he said there was no cure to that. I know you are not a doctor, but do you think there might be a chance that serrapeptase could aid in this? Thanks!

    1. That is great news Lori. Thanks for the message, by the way. I do think that you could really benefit from a treatment of serrapeptase, but please come back and let us know how you are doing in due course. Good luck. We truly wish you the best with your health.

  113. Judy Ballard

    I had bleeding ulcers 7 years ago, I take Nexium every night. If I don’t take Nexium for 2 or 3 nights, I get indigestion. I also have been diagnosed with blockage of the carotid veins and am interested in this supplement for the blockage. What do you think? Should I take it?

    1. I would say that you have nothing to lose by trying serrapeptase Judy. It is a really strong, natural blood system aid, and so is nattokinase. You should obviously consult your doctor first before taking any new supplement, but I do think that serrapeptase (or nattokinase, or both) could help you. I say ‘both’ because one compliments the other.

  114. HI. andy
    I am fifteen years old, suffering from osteoarthritis, mild varicose veins in my legs,now swelling and pain in the joint of my left foot ,my doctor prescripe serratiopeptidase to reduce swelling and pain ,you think it willbe useful for me,thank you.

    1. Hi Nadia,

      Thank you for your message. I would recommend serrapeptase to anyone with your conditions, and as your doctor has prescribed it as well, that is even better.


  115. Ann Kirwan

    Hello Andy,

    Would you recommend Serrapeptase for my 24-year old son who has been diagnosed with C4 ASIA A spinal injury? Please.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Ann,
      Thank you for your message.

      I trust you understand that I am not a doctor, a mere student and enthusiast of health. I cannot see why your son should not take serrapeptase, however, you should contact your doctor for confirmation.

      I wish your son progress and a speedy return to good health.


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