Serrapeptase and Pet Health

I’m sure every pet owner would agree with me, it is our duty to give our pets the best care possible. Spend even a small amount of time with a dog especially, and you can feel its love, joy, loyalty, gratitude, but also, if he’s in pain.

Believe me, a good owner can tell and even feel when their pet is in pain. Pets are a big part of the family, if not the center to which we are all magnetized to.

So it is our responsibility to keep them healthy, as well as happy and exercised.

This is why serrapeptase comes highly recommended for pets health, dogs, cats and horses alike.

Why is Serrapeptase Good for Pet Health?

Pets - NattokinaseHeartHealthIt has several other complicated names, like serratiopeptidase and serratia peptidase, but the bottom line is, that it is very effective.

It works very well for natural pain relief and protection in animals.

Regular use of the organic serrapeptase supplement can give a boost to the natural healing process of any animal, and go a long way to them living a long, healthy life.

Serrapeptase supplements are more commonly known for human use, as protection for heart health and for it’s anti-inflammatory benefits.

What is it?

Serratia peptidase is an enzyme that is extracted from the intestines of the silkworm, but is organically grown in laboratories, on fungal beds. It is not synthetic.

The silkworm cleverly disperses this enzyme in its escape to freedom to an adult moth (Bombyx mori), from the cocoon stage of its growth cycle.

The replicated process, called a ‘Proteolysis’ reaction, breaks through dead tissue in mammals (humans and animals).

Serratiopeptidase is a highly intelligent catalyst, because it only confronts protein-based scar tissue, clear plaques, cysts, and blood clots, completely ignoring live tissue cells.

The silkworm enzyme has a remarkable ability to reduce swelling, all types of pain and clear up mastitis infections.

It can serve as an excellent substitute for common (drug based) painkillers.

Serrapeptase is also used to treat mucus problems and ensure the whole respiratory system (which includes the sinus cavity and lungs) stays healthy.

It is not a drug, therefore you don’t need a prescription from your vet.

And there are no known clashes between the serra enzyme and prescription, or other medicines. So it is safe for your pet to take it, even if they are already taking a drug which might have been prescribed by your veterinary surgeon.

Dosage for Animals

Recommendations are up to 2 x 80,000iu tablets per day for small pets, medium to large pets up to 4 daily, and very large dogs and horses, up to 8 per day.

There is no ‘daily value’ set yet by the FDA, and there is much more study to be concluded on proteolytic therapy. But the general rule, for humans anyway, is that there is no top limit, as it can’t hurt you.

Use of Serrapeptase for Animals

It must be taken on an empty stomach. The enteric coating of the tablet means it will absorb in the small intestine, bypassing the stomach.

This is important, because the enzyme would be destroyed by acid activity in the stomach, making it useless.

Vaccination of Your Pet is Not Enough!

It isn’t enough to feed your pet, and vaccinate them against common diseases. Mind you, and a topic for discussion another time, is, if your pet truly needs vaccination!

I have my own thoughts on this, but leave your own in the comments section below if you have any.

To see your pet truly happy, jumping with joy and enthusiasm, you need to protect him against pain, inflammation, and various other conditions.

The Sceptics

Sceptics - NattokinaseHeartHealthThere are many hundreds of real people reviews on serrapeptase on purchase platforms like Amazon, which prove it therapeutic power. If you’re not sure if you want your dog to be the guinea pig, why not use it yourself first?

Give yourself a six week trial, and if you have ailments relating to inflammation, I would put good money on it, that you will benefit.

Why six weeks?

Because that’s how long it took for me to clean varicose veins in my legs, or at least, drastically reduce them. See for yourself on our serrapeptase benefits page, the comparison image is at the bottom.

Everyone is different, however, so the time table may be longer, or even shorter.

The up and coming supplement for this, is Serrapeptase, which is all natural, effective, safe, and usually costs less than a vets prescription, which will probably cause your pet further trouble in the future.


7 thoughts on “Serrapeptase and Pet Health”

  1. Which serrapeptase brands do you suggest for pets and for people also can you give me your thoughts on vax for pets..I feel pets are over ????

  2. Sunshine

    How can a pet swallow the ???? capsule without chewing it?

    1. MARILYN

      Set the pill in the back of its mouth, gently hold the pet’s mouth closed and blow in his nose–that causes a swallowing reaction.

      The capsules NEED to be a form of bio- or -delayed-dissolve to not dissolve in the stomach otherwise they will enter the digestive system rather than the blood stream where they need to go via the intestines. That is a critical criteria for their successful function.

  3. Thanks for the good article! I’m curious though, about the absorption of the supplement with a dog, considering their very highly acidic digestive systems. Will the enteric coating really preserve the enzyme though this stomach acid, as it would in a human?

    1. Great question Donna .. I am positive that the company that I use for all my supplements (GHN), has taken this into account.

      Thanks for reaching out. Andy

    2. MARILYN

      The capsules NEED to be a bio- or delayed-dissolve to NOT dissolve in the stomach and enter the digestive system rather than the intestines where they need to go to enter the blood stream . THAT is CRITICAL to their successful functioning. The cost will be a bit higher for such a capsule as all Serrapeptase producers do not use that delayed capsule.

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