Using Nattokinase to Build Lean Muscle

Building muscle involves a process of breaking down muscle fibers either by lifting weights, or other resistance type exercises, and eating a high protein and nutritionally high diet which then repairs, and builds those broken muscle fibers.

rippedAnd when your blood is ‘thinner’, it flows more freely around your body, enabling more efficient transportation of nutrients to all of your important organs, and muscle fibers in rapid time.

Nattokinase can help with this.

What is the Normal Use for Nattokinase?

Nattokinase is an organic blood thinner. Actually, it is a fibrinolytic enzyme (bacterium Bacillus subtilis), originating from the mix of fermented soybeans, a Japanese traditional food.

The health benefits of nattokinase are vast, and should not be ignored if you suffer any cardiovascular or heart related problems. From dissolving blood clots, preventing deep vein thrombosis, and reducing the risk of stroke, nattokinase is the real deal.

Also, for people suffering with hypertension, studies have been concluded that nattokinase helps to reduce blood pressure with great effect.

It could even be an essential muscle building supplement for you, if you are a bodybuilder, or if you workout regularly with weights.

I can be testament to this.

Muscle Building Is About Consistency

So don’t head out to your supplement shop, and stock up on Nattokinase capsules thinking that is all you need to do to get ‘lean and huge’! I am not advocating that.

There is a great deal more involved to building a great looking, muscular physique than just popping a few extra pills every day.

Don’t be fooled.

Building quality, lean muscle takes time, dedication and consistency.

In no particular order, here are a few things you must consider before adding nattokinase to your diet:

  • Workout schedules and split routines – I train each muscle group once per week, splitting my routine into chest and back, quadriceps and hamstrings, shoulders and calves and finally on day four, arms. The other days comprise of HIIT work, cardio, abdominal’s and of course, rest. Are you regularly working out?
  • Diet – how much protein do you need? How much fat should you eat? You need approximately one gram of protein per pound of lean body weight (or, what you want to weigh). And you should split your food like this – 40% protein, 30% Carbohydrates & 30% fat. Are you already getting enough nutrition from your food?
  • Sleep – if you don’t get enough sleep, you risk fatigue and injury. Are you getting enough sleep?
  • Exercises, repetitions and sets – different people have different idea of these fundamentals. Are you really working out to your own limits, pushing boundaries? If you are not, you should refrain from taking nattokinase.
  • Supplementation – you must ensure you are getting enough energy, amino acids and vitamins for your workouts. Do you really need to add another supplement to your nutrition plan?

How Does Nattokinase Help You to Burn Fat and Build Lean Muscle?

I know it worked for me, and a many other bodybuilders and weight training enthusiasts agree that it worked for them too. Although there are no scientific studies on this topic yet (relating to muscle building).

But I gained 8 pounds of lean muscle over the course of six weeks. I know it was ‘lean’ gain, as opposed to a ‘mass’ gain (which usually includes adding a few pounds of fat), because I got slightly leaner over that period, which was a great result.

What About Using Aspirin as a Blood Thinner to Help Build Muscle?

There are several testimonials about using aspirin to thin your blood, relating to building muscle (because aspirin has been used for this purpose for many years).

But aspirin has several, harmful side effects (when used long term). This makes nattokinase a much better and safer option, because nattokinase has no known side effects.

We have already talked about how when your blood is thinner, it transports vital nutrition to your organs quicker than if your blood was thicker. But there is also another great benefit of using nattokinase as a bodybuilding or muscle building supplement.

And that is when your blood is thinner, it means that by-products of  lifting weights, like lactic acid, get removed quicker from muscle that is being worked. This enhances and speeds up recovery time between sets and reps.


You should know that it was not my original intention to use nattokinase as a muscle building supplement. I use it on a permanent basis because I have circulation problems, after suffering a DVT (blood clot) several years ago.

I only noticed the difference in my body composition after taking nattokinase for around six weeks. I had not done anything different (weight training and nutrition wise).

The only extra to my life was taking these little capsules!

And please remember what I said, there are no scientific studies reported on using nattokinase as a bodybuilding supplement. This article is based purely on my own conclusions and that of other bodybuilders and muscle building enthusiasts.

As always you should seek medical, professional advice before adding nattokinase to your diet.

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3 thoughts on “Using Nattokinase to Build Lean Muscle”

  1. I loved the initial effect when I first tried nattokinase, it was amazing. I noticed that the spider veins and varicose veins on my feet became virtually invisible within hours of taking this. However, sadly I was not able to continue on it as I became allergic to it later in the day with a bad rash and very itchy painful hives on my arm. I read that rashes are a common side effect and may not be related to the nattokinase itself but from antigen impurities from the bacteria, Bacillus subtilis used to ferment the soybeans into the natto from which it is derived. I remember years ago after trying natto that I had diarrhea from it so I should have guessed that I would be allergic to the supplement derived from it.

  2. Nattokinase is a God sent for me. Been taking cautiously for a week now. I say cautiously because recently I have diagnosed with high blood pressure. In fact it was extremely high. I am on four BP Meds. I researched the side effects and they’re pretty scary and they don’t work very well for me. When I take the nattokinase with the HBP meds the blood pressure decreases amazingly well. Also I get a good feeling of well being. Because of how high the HBP can go at times, I am proceeding with caution. Looking forward to the day when I will no longer have the need for these drugs and rely totally on nattokinase.

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