Why I Didn’t Get Covid-19 Coronavirus

Unless you’ve been hiding in a cave, in the middle of the jungle regions of South America, you have probably been affected by Coronavirus in some way.

I have too.  So have many people around me.

I won’t delve in to my beliefs about the current crisis, I’ll save that for another time.

But I do want to tell you why I’m sure that I never tested positive for Covid-19, or suffer any symptoms, when my girlfriend got infected in December 2020

And we were together, every day, for pretty much the whole month.

How Does Coronavirus Spread?

It is generally thought that Covid-19 spreads from one infected person, to a non-infected person, if they were to cough or sneeze. The non-infected person would then ingest the infected moisture droplets, if they were too close.

But aerosols (tiny moisture particles when you talk or breath) from anybody who is contagious, can also infect a non-infected person!

Coronavirus can also spread when someone touches an infected surface. Such as, a shelf in a shop, or a basin in a bathroom.

So it’s not rocket science then, that you should use hand sanitizing gel after you have touched a surface, before touching your face, or anybody else.

Kissing and intimate contact, can also spread the virus. So don’t go kissing strangers!

Social distancing has been said to help stop with the transmission of the virus.

The only issue I have with this, is that, lets say you were in a shop, if the air is not guaranteed 100% to be clean (it is usually not), then those infectious aerosols can still be floating around the air FOR UP TO TWO WEEKS!

Scary thought, yes?

I forget where I read that very important information, but I will find it and add it to the references at the bottom of this article, when I find it again.

Covid-19 and the Immune System

Looking after your immune system should be one of your primary concerns during current times.

I believe, and so does every holistic doctor I follow on social media, along with a growing number of medical doctors, that a strong immune system is all you need.

And there is another, very large community (of physicians from all over the world) who believe that the immune system is the best defense against Covid, over and above any vaccine!

But the sad fact is that you won’t read about this in the MSM, and your government won’t tell you either.

I have no idea why.

It makes sense that when you look after your immune system, you are far less likely to contract any type of disease, including CV-19.

That’s pretty much it’s job.

Why I Never Got Sick With Covid-19

Just before Christmas, by girlfriend tested positive for the virus, and was quite sick for a couple of weeks. She is only just recovering now, just feeling very tired.

We don’t live together, as we have children in different areas. She lives alone with her two kids, and I was the only one able to take care of her.

We were both worried, because of my low immune system (more on this later), but I tested negative and NEVER had any symptoms of the virus at all.

Protect Yourself From Coronavirus

So how can you follow my path, and hopefully stop the virus in its tracks?

Well, I’ve always been an active person. But since this pandemic started, I have upped my game regarding my exercise and nutrition plan.

I walk my dog several times a day, and I use resistance training and heavy weights to keep my body strong and fit.

Weight training is not for everyone, although it should be, particularly as you age. It strengthen’s bones and tones muscle, all the while burning your belly fat.

So if you can do things like bodyweight exercises (push ups, squats, presses against a wall, pull ups (use a tree, or your kids garden swings), then you’re half way home.

If you’re not sure about bodyweight movements, I’ll leave a couple of links in the references below for you.

And keep moving, and exercise often.

I also take the following supplements, which I believe have stopped me getting coronavirus.

Supplements to Protect Against Covid-19

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D3
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Serrapeptase

Find these supplements here (use the search facility)

Vitamins and mineral to boost immune system

These are the supplements I have taken, every day, since the pandemic started (some even before). There are others, but these are the ones work best for me.

I believe these five vitamins and minerals have kept me in good health.

So they might help boost your immune system too, and protect you from the virus too.

Vitamin C

This vitamin is said to be one of the most important vitamins, when considering boosting your immune health. It plays an active role in preventing symptoms of poor health, relating to the common cold and flu.

Vitamin C also boasts anti-inflammation and antioxidant rewards for your body, which is why it is given to pneumonia patients in heavy doses, to help ward off bacteria and viral infections.

Vitamin D3

The body naturally makes vitamin D3 when the skin is subjected to sunlight.

However, if you live somewhere like I do, in the UK, in one of the cloudiest regions (year around), getting adequate D3 is highly unlikely.

This is why I take it, even though I’m outdoors a lot of the time, walking my dog and tending to my bonsai trees, it is usually so cloudy (and raining), I am no where near getting enough vitamin D.

Another huge benefit of Vitamin D3 (in current corona times) is that it helps the efficiency of the respiratory tract (when disease is present).


Did you know that you’re probably deficient in magnesium?

Because of the way we live, it is said that almost everybody is low on this vital mineral. Poor diet, and a sedatory lifestyle is to blame.

Magnesium is probably the most important mineral needed by the body, to ensure the thousands of chemical reactions within it, act the way they are designed to.

You can get it from certain foods such as avocados, some nuts, salmon and mackerel, bananas and green veggies.

I prefer to take it in supplement form, as I don’t eat much in the way of fruits or vegetables. I prefer instead, to follow a meat based diet, along the lines of carnivore and a ketogenic way of eating.

You can take magnesium in tablet form, or in the way of a spray. I choose the spray, which I use about 2 hours before bedtime, and then just before I go to sleep.

It helps to get a better nights sleep.


I first started taking a zinc supplement to help with my natural testosterone levels. But it has wonderful health benefits for the immune system on top.

Some studies suggest that zinc is so powerful, it can cut the length of time you have a common cold for, by up to 33%!

Amazing, I’m sure you will agree.

This is great news for anyone worried about getting covid-19, because the virus is very similar (in the way it acts/mutates) to the very common cold.


If you’ve been following my website for any length of time, then you’ll know that I’ve had several health issues for almost 20 years, because I was in a near fatal car crash.

This left my body, shall we say ‘messed up a bit’!

But in addition to this, I developed a life threatening blood clot (DVT) while in hospital (for four months). I was immediately put on a heavy dose of warfarin, injected straight in to my stomach.

I recovered about 75%, left with a heap of scars, pains and depression.

But it was my discovery of serrapeptase and it’s long list of health benefits, some years later, that allow me to keep my blood system in near tip top health today.

In fact, it was because of my discovery (and that of nattokinase, a fibrinolytic enzyme), that I built this website.

So that I could share my story, and how these almost unheard of supplements, have made my own life a lot easier.

And they could really help anyone else, who has issues with blood circulation and almost any type of inflammation in their body.

Serrapeptase attacks dead cells and tissue in the body, and moves it out, which has been great for my varicose veins.

But, in a recent study, it was shown that this powerful proteolytic enzyme can be used as a defense against viral infections!

It does this by attacking the infected cells, and breaking down the proteins that encompass the virus!

So, protect yourself from CV-19. Eat healthy, exercise as often as possible and choose your supplements wisely.

Where Can You Buy the Products Mentioned?

We have been using quality supplements from Good Health Naturally for almost a decade. In fact, their main enzyme products, serrapeptase and nattokinase have saved me so much pain over the years, I highly recommend them.

Find the supplements mentioned in this article here.


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Videos for body weight exercises:



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