How I Continue to Baffle My Doctors With Serrapeptase

For the second time in the last 6 years, I’ve baffled my doctors. But this time, I chose not to divulge how I’ve beaten (the doctors) science.

About 6 years ago, I started using serrapeptase quite seriously. I say ‘seriously’ because I’d only been taking one 80,000iu capsule a day as a maintenance dose.

My focus was on reducing my blood pressure with nattokinase at the time, and ensuring my blood was on the ‘thin’ side, to help my circulation.

I had a huge blood clot while in hospital in 2004, so I’m compelled to permanently keep on top of my blood health.

Serrapeptase for My Varicose Veins

I started a gradually increasing dose of serratiopeptidase (scientific name), up to 8 (80,000iu) capsules per day, mostly taken at night.

I prefer to take them at night when I wake up (frequently) to go to the bathroom, as this ensures taking them on an empty stomach.

I kept taking this dose for around 6 weeks, and the different in my varicose veins was truly incredible.

However, I learned something valuable.

And I’m unsure whether this is the case for all conditions, as the veins themselves are affected by other factors.


I stopped taking serrapeptase for a long period, and my veins got worse.

I learned that similar to most medications, it was not a cure.

But rather serratiopeptidase is a side effect free, natural therapy, that has no upper dosage limits.

So you can basically take as much of it as you like, with no adverse effects to you.

Serrapeptase and My Kidneys

In the summer of 2019, I started having some abdominal issues, relating to a surgery I’d had in 2011. I had an operation to remove the sigmoid colon part of my bowel.

Well, I had a drain hole in my tummy as well, which was taking excess fluid from the trauma area.

And when it came time to remove it, it had well – curled around inside the muscle wall of my abdomen, and the nursing staff had an epic time removing it.

Quite painful, I seem to recall.

I always knew that at some time in the future, this would turn out to be problematic.

Low and behold, 8 years later, it happened.

The drain hole opened and starting pushing out liquids.

I saw my hospital doctor, who ordered a CT scan, suspecting the start of a hernia.

But the scan only showed a hole in my abdomen wall, and he said that we’d need to just monitor it.

However, her exclaimed to me that the CT scan had shown a shadow on my kidneys. It was probably over calcification.

I have no idea how this develops.

This, as you might imagine, was extremely worrying. I was referred to a nephrologist.

Many appointments were arranged, but subsequently cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Nephrology Appointment

I eventually got to see a doctor in the nephrology department only last week (January 2021). I’d had blood tests about a month ago for the doctor to discuss my options with me.


When I got to see him, he was most certainly confused as to why my blood tests showed no sign of any over calcification (Hypercalcemia).

Looking at his screen, then at my notes he had in front of him, and then to me, and back again.

The look on his face was certainly priceless.

He fist asked me if I’d passed any kidney stones. I said that I don’t think so, as I understand they are quite painful to pass, and I would have known.

He then exclaimed that we would just monitor the situation. But then after a few minutes more of deep thought, he recommended one further blood test and a 24 hour urine test.

I’ve had the blood test, just waiting to complete the other test when I have time to return the samples to the hospital.

I will update this blog, when I get the results.

What I never told him was that for the last 3 months, I’d been taking serrapeptase (again).

But I chose this time, not to try and explain what it actually is! The last time I tried, my doctor looked at me a bit queer, clueless to the existence of this miracle enzyme.

Serrapeptase Wins for Me Again

The only possible reasons for this could be the positive effects of serratiopeptidase.

If you don’t know what it does, it breaks down dead tissue (and calcium deposits) anywhere in the body, then expels them quite harmlessly.

The action mimics it’s natural process, of breaking down the cocoon of the silk worm, as it turns into the moth.

You read correctly. This amazing enzyme is naturally found in the silkworm, it’s only job to break free the worm, releasing the moth.

How incredible is that?

So my friend, thanks for reading my blog, and if you have any questions about serrapeptase, please get in touch via the contact form.

I read and respond to all (genuine) enquiries.

Or, should you wish to try serrapeptase for yourself, simply Click Here.


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  1. I am relatively new to serrapeptase and am wondering about why your varicose veins came back worse when you stopped it? And if there is any long term concerns using it, or if it may have been responsible for your stomach issue? Robert Redfern, who was a big proponent and seller of many serrapeptase products including Blockbuster all clear, died rather suddenly. No one will say what the cause was, only a “brief illness”. While I respect peoples privacy when you write numerous books on health and wellness but die suddenly I think it’s important to share the cause. What happened with the tests the doctor ordered? Any update on your kidneys? Thank you.


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