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    1. Hi Andy –

      I am 49 years old, and have suffered massive blood clots in both of my legs, and in both lobes of my lungs. Currently I am a year out from DVT diagnosis in my right leg with bilateral PE. After ten months, I tried to come off of lovenox, and I took a combination of Serapeptase, Nattokinaise, Garlic, Curcumin and Cayenne pepper daily for a month. I had a vascular ultrasound after a month, and a new clot was discovered right on the old clot, which initially was pretty nasty and extensive. I am back on lovenox; however, I do not want to stay on this for life, or any other oral anticoagulant for life; the side effects are horrible, and I have low kidney function.

      I realize that I may not have been on appropriate doses of nattokinaise so my blood was obviously not anti coagulated. I have read lots of things about nattokinaise, that it can take several hundred milligrams or several thousand CFUs to produce a therapeutic effect. I’ve also read that it is important to do blood tests to see what a person’s protein clotting status is, and then pair/dose nattokinaise accordingly.

      With this said – can you recommend a doctor that I can see who may have experience using nattokinaise and who can guide me correctly? I live in Winston Salem NC. But hopefully you can refer me to one who does virtual visits/Telehealth visits? Or one here locally?

      Also – can I take nattokinaise while taking lovenox? Lumbrokinaise while taking lovenox? I have read that lumbrokinaise is more powerful than nattokinaise – I certainly do not want to overly thin my blood; but I want to clear away these nasty clots as soon as possible.

      I thank you so very much for your response and the support you provide to people like myself who need it.

      With kind regards,
      Amy Bethea

      1. Many thanks for reaching out Amy, but I don’t think I can help you on this occasion. I don’t know of any doctors, particularly here in the UK that know anything about these preferred, natural treatments.

        There seems to be more research done on Lumbrokinase now, but when I wrote this site, nattokinase came out on top. I still use nattokinase to help with my blood pressure, also my blood clotting. Also, I use a large dose of serrapeptase to help with. Sorry that I could not be of more help.


    2. Vee Elle

      Hello which of the 3 is best to dissolve blood clots and varicose veins/deep veins? Nattokinase, serrapeptase, or lumbrokinase? Thank you

      1. Hi Vee, I use high dosage of serrapeptase to keep my own varicose veins under control. But, I also take nattokinase for 3 month intervals, switching it to krill oil for the next 3 months.

    3. Hello Andy! I have a pacemaker (cardiostimulator) installed.
      Serrapeptase dissolves fibrin and scar tissue. Could serrapeptase dissolve the scar tissue in the heart and weaken the attachment of the electrodes? Could it be dangerous for me to use serrapeptase? Thank you very much in advance!!!

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