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Is Serrapeptase Really a Super Enzyme?

It may sound disgusting, but the enzymes produced in the intestines of the silkworm have been used for many hundreds of years in Japan, to ease many ailments.

So in this section of the site we take a close look at the health benefits of serrapeptase and how you could use it in your every day life, to shove off inflammation all around the body.

You could use serrapeptase to to help ease a cold, ease a sore throat, improve lung health or even combat a migraine headache! And although serrapeptase is eats cancer cells, it is overlooked as a real therapy, even though studies show it might be more powerful than chemotherapy.

You can use serrapeptase to ease an ear infection, and there are direct links suggesting this systemic enzyme could have positive effects for Alzheimer's patients, because it could improve brain health.