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Lumrokinase :: Would You Eat Something That Comes From the Earthworm?

I don't know about you, but I have a weak constitution when it comes to eating something that looks like it should not be eaten. But, I'll make an exception when it comes to lumbrokinase and its cousin, the serrapeptase enzyme. You see, they are both derived from the intestines of worms, lumbrokinase comes from the earthworm and serrapeptase from the silkworm. And both have wonderful health benefits. There are however, very slight differences between these two protease enzymes; the benefits of serrapeptase are mainly anti-inflammatory and benefits of lumbrokinase are much the same as how good nattokinase is for you in that they both lower blood pressure and will thin your blood. But in this section of the site we are concentrating on beneficial effects that lumbrokinase has on your health.