Is Serrapeptase Really a Super Enzyme?

It may sound disgusting, but the intestines of the silkworm have been used for many hundreds of years in Japan to ease many health conditions. So in this section of the site we are taking a close look at the benefits of serrapeptase and how you could use it in your every day life to help ease a cold, a sore throat or an ear infection. It can also be a huge addition to the fight against cancer cells in patients who suffer this horrible disease.

Serrapeptase Benefits

Finding an organic alternative to a harmful drug you can buy in a pharmacy, is a real plus for many people. And if you are anything like me, then discovering the powerful anti-inflammatory and pain relief effects that the super-enzyme serrapeptase has, is a huge positive in your life.

Serrapeptase enzymes even have wonderful benefits for cancer patients! They can also help improve and guard your cardiovascular health, and when combined with nattokinase, the combination presents a huge problem for heart disease – protecting the blood system, breaking down deadly substances and fighting inflammation.Continue Reading

Serrapeptase and Brain Health

Serrapeptase is an enzyme derived from the silkworm gut, which has positive effects on brain health, including Alzheimer’s.

Serrapeptase is Overlooked as a Cancer Therapy

Serrapeptase may be over looked as a cancer therapy, but why is that? It may even be more effective than chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Serrapeptase for Headaches

Serrapeptase is an enzyme originating from the silkworm, that has the power to control inlfammation that causes head aches and chronic mirgraines. Forget pain pills, try this instead.