Nattokinase - The Smelly Enzyme of Fermented Soy Beans

This section of the site refers to our articles on Nattokinase, and the benefits this enzyme has on health. It does in fact, have a really positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Many people use it as a precaution, protecting their heart system from disease, while others use nattokinase as an organic alternative to other harmful drugs. In the first article below, you will learn all about nattokinase - where it comes from, how to use it and how many different health concerns it can be used to help treat, or to protect from.

What is Nattokinase and What Are its Health Benefits

soybeans Nattokinase is a highly purified enzyme which is produced by the fermentation process of soybeans. It is a fibrinolytic enzyme that has been scientifically proven to have many health benefits, primarily for the cardiovascular and circulatory system. This is the reason I use it. Since leaving hospital nine years ago, I have suffered considerably with blood circulation problems – swollen ankles and a great deal of pain which varies from a ‘tooth ache’ type of pain, to feeling like my ankle is about to explode, on very bad days.

Since using Nattokinase every day, I have seen a definite improvement with my circulation and reduced swelling in my ankles, which I am thrilled about. This is a huge relief which has made daily life that much more ‘liveable’.

In it’s original state, the soybeans are fermented by adding a bacteria called Bacillus subtilis, while they are boiled. This produces a food (originating from Japan) called Natto. Only this preparation of soy beans into Natto will produce the nattokinase enzyme. You cannot get it by processing soy beans in any other way. However, commercial demand for it’s blood thinning properties has produced an alternative medicine product that is available in tablet/capsule form. This is great news if you are adverse to horrible smells and dislike textures that resemble a slug’s sticky trail, and also if you don’t know how to make natto!

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