About Andy James

Andy is a health and wellness enthusiast who has a great interest in the cardiovascular system, and more specifically blood circulation. He has suffered with poor circulation for many years, hence why he has to wear a compression stocking on his left leg. But since he was introduced to nattokinase by a colleague, and started taking it on a daily basis his circulation is circulation flows more freely and he has got a lot of pain relief from this incredible little enzyme. You can find out more about Andy on his Google+ profile, where you will find his other sites and projects.

Health Benefits of Nattokinase

soybeans Nattokinase is a highly purified enzyme which is produced by the fermentation process of soybeans. It is a fibrinolytic enzyme that has been scientifically proven to have many health benefits, largely for the cardiovascular and circulatory system, breaking down blood clots and normalizing blood pressure.

This is the reason I use it. Since leaving hospital nine years ago, I have suffered considerably with blood circulation problems – swollen ankles and a great deal of pain which varies from a tooth ache type of pain, to one of a feeling like my ankle is about to explode!Continue Reading

Nattokinase Reduces Blood Pressure

Did you know that nattokinase could be a natural alternative to the high blood pressure drugs that can actually kill you? It’s true, hypertension medication is very dangerous for you, but you can prevent the need to take it.

Nattokinase Dosage

What is the correct dosage of nattokinase that you should take? In supplement form it will normally tell you on the packaging, but there are a few things to know before going ahead with any dose of this potent enzyme.

Nattokinase and Cancer

Could the enzyme nattokinase help cancer patients? This article discusses how this proteolytic enzyme actually works in the fight against cancer cells.

Nattokinase Side Effects and Dangers

Nattokinase does have certain side effects, but only if you are in ill health or prescribed blood disorder medication like warfarin or aspirin. Here is what else you need to know about this powerful enzyme and other coagulant drugs.

Using Nattokinase (Blood Thinner) to Build Lean Muscle

Could the Nattokinase enzyme be used as bodybuilding or muscle building supplement? Here are genuine results and vital information on nattokinase.

Can Nattokinase Dissolve Fibroids and Help Women to Conceive

Could Nattokinase be a better treatment and possible cure for fibroids in women, helping you to conceive for a baby?

What is Lumbrokinase?

Lumbrokinase is a thrombolytic natural treatment for cardiovascular problems, which also dissolves scar tissue, fibrin proteins and blood clots.

Serrapeptase Benefits

Serrapeptase is a ‘super enzyme’ which has a huge list of health benefits, from dissolving blood clots to improved cardiovascular health.

Serrapeptase and Brain Health

Serrapeptase is an enzyme derived from the silkworm gut, which has positive effects on brain health, including Alzheimer’s.

Serrapeptase is Overlooked as a Cancer Therapy

Serrapeptase may be over looked as a cancer therapy, but why is that? It may even be more effective than chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Serrapeptase for Headaches

Serrapeptase is an enzyme originating from the silkworm, that has the power to control inlfammation that causes head aches and chronic mirgraines. Forget pain pills, try this instead.

Improve Digestive Health With Serrapeptase

Improve your digestive health with serrapeptase, rather than using a prescibed pill that can cause your body more harm in the future.

Serrapeptase for Sore Throat and Mucus Control

Serrapeptase enzyme studies on sinus infections reveal that chronic infections like sinusitis are no match for the silkworm gut catalyst.

Serrapeptase For Lung Health

Use serrapeptase to relieve inflammation associated with lung diseases such as COPD and emphysema. Clear up the mucus in airways to the lungs.