What is Lumbrokinase?

blood clot molecules Lumbrokinase acts similarly to nattokinase, in that it has been proven to prevent and disperse blood clots. This means it has secondary fibrinolysis actions (blood clots which are dissipated by medication), and it is also a thrombolytic natural medication (cardiovascular treatment), meaning that it helps to thin blood. For information, primary fibrinolysis is your bodies natural means of dispersing coagulation which is weak in some individuals.

The big difference between lumbrokinase and nattokinase is where it comes from. Whereas nattokinase comes from the stinky fermenting process of natto (soy beans), lumbrokinase comes from earthworms. Or more precisely, from the cells of intestinal tissue and fluid of the earthworm. This is yet another natural resource we have available to us, which blood disorder patients may be able to use instead of dangerous medications.

Of course, there is a lot more research needed on the long term affects and benefits of lumbrokinase.

What are the Benefits of Lumbrokinase?

  • Help’s people with deep vein thrombosis(DVT)
  • Help’s cancer patients by slowing the growth of tumors
  • Breaks down causes of habitual (bacterial) infections, such as Lyme disease
  • Could help reduce the affects of autism by allowing antimicrobials to destroy bacteria bio-films

Cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks, angina and strokes, along with (chronic) bacterial afflictions like Lyme disease are among the biggest paralyzer’s and killers on the planet. This is why more research is being done on lumbrokinase, because it can prevent and even eradicate disease. This incredible little enzyme, could even prevent deaths.

Specifically, this fibrinolytic enzyme has dramatic effects on Lyme disease. It very cleverly breaks down the bacterial bio-films caused by the infection (from ticks), and stopping our immune system from harming our central nervous system with it’s reaction’s to that bio-film.

Lumbrokinase Side Effects

Are there any side effects to using lumbrokinase? No, unless you are currently taking other heart or anti-coagulation medication like warfarin, which is derived from plant enzymes. Something that should assure you of the safety of lumbrokinase supplements are the fact that this enzyme has been used in ancient Chinese medicine (in it’s natural form) for many, many centuries.

However, it’s like most medications or potions. When taken in correct doses, it is harmless. But when taken in higher quantities, studies have shown that the following side effects could be evident.

  • Itchy skin or rashes
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal bloating

How Does Lumbrokinase Compare to Nattokinase and Serrapeptase?

There are two other enzymes in the same class as lumbrokinase, nattokinase and serrapeptase. They all have similar, and very different healing properties. The benefits of nattokinase are associated more with the human bodies blood system, and does great work at relieving fibroids in women and will also attach cancer cells. And the serrapeptase enzymes health benefits include helping to relieve the symptoms of a larger list of problems and conditions which can be read in depth on that serrapeptase page, but a few of those ailments are ear and throat infections, UTI’s and varicose vein’s.

Important: If you are thinking of taking lumbrokinase and you are due to have surgery, you should refrain from taking it around seven to fourteen days prior. And you should always speak to your physician before taking any supplement that acts with your blood, before you take it.

About Andy James

Andy is a health and wellness enthusiast who has a great interest in the cardiovascular system, and more specifically blood circulation. He has suffered with poor circulation for many years, hence why he has to wear a compression stocking on his left leg. But since he was introduced to nattokinase by a colleague, and started taking it on a daily basis his circulation is circulation flows more freely and he has got a lot of pain relief from this incredible little enzyme. You can find out more about Andy on his Google+ profile, where you will find his other sites and projects.


  1. Is there an antidote for this as vitamin k is for the dreaded warfarin!

  2. Will Lumbrokinase lower blood pressure or help with type 2 diabetes?

    • Hi David, thanks for your message.

      For something as specific as high blood pressure, I think nattokinase and/or serrapeptase would benefit you more. You can read about these on our site. I don’t have any experience regarding diabetes and enzyme therapy right now, I am sorry.

  3. Andy,
    I have inherited varicose veins from my mother’s side of the family. My left leg is worse than my right leg. I’m 50 years old and I have noticed that in the past 3 years the discomfort level (especially in my left leg) has increased a good bit. My calves are always sore and I’m getting pins & needles feeling in my left foot after standing for a while as the day progresses.

    I’m am also worried that I may have a blood clot in my left leg. I have been taking nattokinase for a while now but I am not sure how much I need to be taking. How much would you have to take to be able to dissolve a blood clot? Also is nattokinase the best one to use for a blood clot over Lumbrokinase and Serrapeptase?

    • Hi David, thanks for your message. I am sorry to hear of your troubles, I can totally relate, as it sounds like you are suffering pretty much the same problems as me. I take nattokinase and serrapeptase together, usually just following the dosage guides on the tubs. However, if I know I’m going to be stationary for long periods, and over a few days, I double the dose of nattokinase (but stick with the recommended for serrapeptase).


  4. Hello Andy, I had a dvt from an angiogram where the swelling caused the blood clotting, it was groin to knee, they put me on warfarin and i currently take 2.5 m,w,f and 5.0 t,th,sat,sun, i check my INRr at home every 2 weeks and sit usually 1.8- 2.3..depending on my diet, I also have Muscular dystrophy and can not afford the side effects.. I was thinking of gradually weaning off and mixing in Lumbrokinase over a period of say 4-6 weeks and then useing only natural say lumbrokinase with omega 369,garlic tabs and maybe bromelain and papain tabs, many of which i already take. I also am on a good regimen of aminos and vit/mineral liquids, q10(ubiquinol) L-Arginine, bcaa’s etc, your comments?

    • Hi Greg, thanks for your message. Sorry to hear you to, have had a DVT like me.

      I would always recommend speaking to your doctor, or at least one who is knowledgable about natural blood thinners (like lumbrokinase and nattokinase), first, particularly if you are quitting warfarin. That is a huge step, and I remember it well, albeit that was almost ten years ago now.

      If you cease taking the warfarin, would you still be able to get your INR checked correctly? That would be my first comment. I don’t know if doctors/GP’s perform INR tests if one has finished taking warfarin. Worth checking though, at least you know then if the lumbrokinase is working – or if you need to switch to nattokinase, or other blood thinner. I don’t have any information on bromelain or papain, sorry, but if they offer blood thinning effects, be careful when taking with nattokinase or lumbrokinase.

      Vitamins and minerals should always form part of a healthy diet, I think. And if you can’t get enough from your food, then yes, supplement. I wonder why you are taking BCAA’s, as these are only (usually) a sports persons supplement.

      I hope this way helpful, sorry if I could not aid you more. Please come back and tell us what you decide, and if your doctor will do the INR tests if you’re not taking warfarin. I think that information could help other people too.


  5. Hello and thx for your comments, I own my own INR/PT Coagucheck machine. so checking INR is easy for me..i have been self managing for 2 years now..so that is not a problem, i am well schooled in the Amount vs reaction times of warfarin. so should be an easy transition for me..i plan on doing a mix and “weaning off”, ex: the 4 days i do 5.0 mg i will do natural and do the 3 days warfarin at 2.5mg..then after 10 days..gradually replace the remaining 3 days of the week on warfarin one at a time..per week (3 weeks) if results are good. As for the BCAA’s..i should also mention i have muscular Dystrophy..LGMD2i that i am trying to beat! i cant afford any weakening side effects of this crummy medication..anything to strengthen and heal muscle tissue..im all over it! i will beat this disease. i have already beaten the odds..they said i would live till 41 and be in a wheel chair..well im 55 this year and still walking! (with a cane)

    • You seem to know your drugs and ‘levels’ Greg, thats great. Please come back and let us know how you get on, I would really like to know what works best for you. Regarding muscle problems, I’m not completely sure, but I think magnesium oil could help you in some regard. Either look it up, or I can email you some information, just let me know.

      All the best for the future.


  6. Okay here is an update, I have cut 10mg a week out of my coumadin and my INR is been in range for 10 days now 2.1-2.5 How? 3,000 mg fish oil (omega 3,6,9) and 400 iu vitamin E, i test every 4 days just to be sure..i am now only on 2.5mg daily and this week will be cutting out 1 day completely and and i should test out at 2.0 im estimating..if i am correct then i will have found a ratio of oils vs INR that works for me..and i guessing buy the end of the year I will be off this rat poison completely..I have also found that Nattokinase will change the aggregation of the blood cells PLUS will actually eat away the scar tissue from my DVT..but i will have to adjust my oils intake and vitamin E carerfully as i have done in this experiment..its working..

    • Hi Greg, and thank you for returning for an update. This is amazing to read.

      You’ve done a lot of experimenting I see, and I’m glad you’ve found something that works between your arsenal of treatments. To cease taking the coumadin completely is wonderful to hear, again, if you have time come back and let us know whats going on. I think a lot of people could benefit from reading this one comment, maybe they could follow your lead.


  7. hi Andy
    I had a DVT from long flight last week which turned into a pulmonary embolism (PE) and put me in hospital, I’m out now injecting Clexane in my stomach twice a day and taking 10mg of warfarin. I have been healthy and fit all my 60 years (running an organic farm for 30 yrs) and hate to be taking all these synthetic drugs, a friend has given me a a bottle of Lubrokinase , but I’m a bit concerned about mixing with the warfarin and having unpredictable side effects?

    • Hi Rob, thanks for your message.

      Its not a good idea to take lumbrokinase or any other natural blood thinner if you’re already taking warfarin type drugs. It could become dangerous. However, you can read in the comments on this page and others on nattokinase, that some people have ceased taking drugs, opting instead for (usually) nattokinase. I hope this helps. Good luck returning to good health.

  8. Michael Paulsen says:

    Andy, I have just started taking 100mcg of K-2 and 100mg of Nattokinase. Do you think I should stop taking my baby aspirin (81mg) now? I also take Toprol, Amlodipine, and Benicar HCT but I was thinking I should probably stop taking the aspirin. I have notice over the past two weeks since taking the new supplements that my BP has gone down from about 152/83 to around 138/79

    • Hi Michael, thanks for the contact. Firstly, please remember that i’m not a doctor, and you should confirm anything I say with your doctor. But I think taking aspirin with nattokinase is a bad idea, as your blood may become overly thin (even though it is only a baby aspirin). It’s great to hear about your blood pressure drop too, it goes to show that natural alternatives to prescription drugs do work!

  9. Hi Andy I came upon your site while I was looking up what Nattokinase can do. I have very deep varicose vein in my left leg due to pregnancies so I was taking that, my husband has lymes so he was taking this as well. If what I am understanding you to say that Lumbrokinae would be better for him, and would that also help me. Thanks Paula

    • Hi Paula, thanks for your message. Yes lumbrokinase or serrapeptase would help your husband, and you should not take nattokinase as you are pregnant. You can definitely take serrapeptase, Paula, even while pregnant and if you were to breast feed.

      All the best.

  10. Have you heard if lumbrokinase will help with removing scar tissue?

    • I would have to check my research, I don’t think I covered it in this article. Serrapeptase is probably a better choice for you Shane, as it does break down dead and scar tissue.

  11. Just chiming in..still on the same program..i did add serrapetase to the program.. and have had no adverse effects..i have been in the normal range on my INR 1.2-1.5 not in the theraputic range my DR’s prescribed..im driving them nuts..all they want me to do is take more coumadin and stop eating everything that our bodies need to be healthy..I said okay look..my DVT was surgically induced correct? “They said yes..by the swelling at the site of the Angiogram, i dont have a blood clotting problem ten i said..just a clot formed from the surgery..answer: yes.. so i dont need an anticlotting agent for that..i need to get this scar tissue dissolved..PLUS the body has already done its bypass and it is old area is not totally blocked. I think they aree afraid of a LAWsuit from the surgery..so i have requested all my records..(they are mine anyway) and there are hesitant to release them..they i believe are hiding something. So i stay out of range over 60 days now..no clotting..hmmmm makes one wonder???? So im staying with my own program..omega 369, vit e , selenium, nattokinase and serrapetase and very little warfarin 2.5 a day..im doing this for one year..and come this summer i am requesting another ultrasound..last time i went in i wanted another one..they said NO…thats what makes me think they are hiding something… other than that.so far all is great!

    • Hi again Greg, thanks so much for a further update.

      It sounds like you have those doctors on the run. They push and push medicines that you clearly don’t need…yes it does make you wonder why! Maybe there was a problem that you weren’t made aware of…naughty really! I look forward to reading your future updates, particularly after your scan.

      Wishing you continued improvements in your health.


  12. Hi Andy,

    How did you ween yourself from Coumadin? I am on an anti-inflammatory diet per natural doctor and will be stopping the Coumadin is 1 month and introducing lumbokinase and 850mg fish oils. I have an 18 month old daughter and am 30 years old so I have a lot to live for. I am in good hands withy my doc but the doctors at my hospitals think I am crazy. Has anyone had success of keeping their INR therapeutic while completely changing diet and doing lumbokinase and fish oils? I’m desperate for some positive reinforcement because the Coumadin is not something I can stay on for life.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Erica, thanks for your message. I was on warfarin a long time ago, but suffered for many years after with circulation problems. I did not realise the symptoms myself, and they were missed by my doctor until he recommended wearing compression stockings (which only partially helped). Thats why I researched these natural replacements. I think, if you read through some of the comments on this page and a few others, you will read about several people’s results (Look out for Greg, he’s kindly left a string of comments with his progress).

  13. If you were taking lumbrokinase and nattokinase, is it safe to just stop them cold turkey? Or do you need to gradually lower the dose?

  14. Hi Andy, I have been researching natural alternatives, I was diagnosed with a left leg DVT February 14, 2015 after having surgery January 23 and I was wondering if the Lumbrokinase will have the same effect of dissolving the clot as the Nattokinase? After researching the ingredients of Nattokinase I decided not to take the supplement, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2009 and removed the soy products from my diet and I have not taken Synthroid because my thyroid levels are in range. I am currently taking Xarelto for 3 months and decided I will not take an aspirin for a year because it can have an affect on the GI system. Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Errika, thanks for your message.

      I can only speak from personal experience with nattokinase and what you’ve read on the lubrokinase page. However, you might want to try krill oil, which I am using in place of nattokinase at the moment and it is working wonders.l

      I hope this helps.

  15. What about combining nattokinase, serrapeptase and lumbrokinase? I have been taking serra enzyme (from Good health usa) and also their nattokinase. I am curious if the lumbrokinase works differently then the natto or serra.

    • Hi Sandy, I don’t have anything in my research regarding using all three enzymes sorry. But, I think it would be a bit of ‘over-kill’ and may thin your blood too much to make it safe, depending on doses of course.

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