Nattokinase Dosage

nattokinase dosageGetting an optimal amount of nattokinase from its natural source, natto, would certainly make you ill, or at least feel sick, just from the look and smell of a dish of slimy ‘goo’! So many people prefer to get their nattokinase in the form of a capsule. You won’t get sick, or feel sick with a capsule because you don’t smell or taste anything.

Whatever your reason for taking nattokinase, perhaps it is to build up a natural barrier to heart disease, or to prevent high blood pressure, or maybe you need to take it to treat a minor cardiovascular condition you already have, you need to know how much of this powerful enzyme you should you take?

If you were to get your daily dose of nattokinase from your natto and soy sauce recipe, then you would not know how much you were taking, because you cannot measure the enzyme content that way. You can only measure the weight of your natto food.

This is a valid reason why taking nattokinase supplements is preferred over ‘making it yourself’. There are pre-made natto products on the market, but you really do need a strong stomach to cope with the smell each time you open the fridge, let alone serve a dish of it several times a day!

Another reason to use nattokinase in supplement form, is because you are told the correct dose on the packaging. The usual dosage is 2,000 – 4,000 FU (Fibrinolytic Units) per day. I take two tablets a day – one in the morning and one in the evening (4000 FU’s), which helps my circulation and regulates my blood pressure. Ten years ago, I was in a car crash which nearly took my life. I spent 4 months in hospital, had a series of major operations and was left with a DVT because of hospital negligence.

I now wear compression stockings on both legs, which are really tight, to help my blood flow back up to my heart. They help, but not enough. Which is why I was delighted to discover the health benefits of nattokinase a few years ago. I NO LONGER suffer with the pain and swelling elephants feet, because I take nattokinase.

When the packaging of any supplement gives you a range of doses to use, it is always best to start with the minimum amount, and gradually increase the dose to the maximum, if required. While scientific experts don’t fully understand everything about nattokinase, they do confirm that it it can help blood circulation increase, prevent blood clots (DVT’s) and it does reduce blood pressure.

So, be very careful when taking any amount of nattokinase for the first time.

It is a very strong and potent, completely natural product (nowadays produced on a fungal base in a laboratory), but you must remember that if you already have low blood pressure, a dose of nattokinase will lower it even further, which could cause you to feel nauseous and unwell. We recommend you should use serrapeptase if you already have low blood pressure, as it dose not have any affect on your BP.

Your age could also be a determining factor on how much nattokinase you use every day, as well as your current level of health. You might only need the lowest dose, but you might need the highest. So, we say again, take the minimum and increase it if you need to. And you can be ‘secure of mind’ knowing that there are no dangers or side effects to nattokinase, unless you are currently taking an anti-coagulant.

It is always a good idea to talk to a medical doctor if you are not in perfect health, he or she might point out something that you would not think of. But, the only problem with this is that they probably haven’t heard of nattokinase as it is an ‘alternative medicine’.

Either way, unless you have aspirin prescribed by your physician then nattokinase may be a better choice for aiding your bodies natural plasmin, by thinning your blood.

About Andy James

Andy is a health and wellness enthusiast who has a great interest in the cardiovascular system, and more specifically blood circulation. He has suffered with poor circulation for many years, hence why he has to wear a compression stocking on his left leg. But since he was introduced to nattokinase by a colleague, and started taking it on a daily basis his circulation is circulation flows more freely and he has got a lot of pain relief from this incredible little enzyme. You can find out more about Andy on his Google+ profile, where you will find his other sites and projects.

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  1. Yumie guimba says:

    Hi Andy! I have blood clot on my right leg and my doctor wants me to take blood thinner medication,but i was just taking baby aspirin but can i take nsttokinase and aspirin too? Thank you

  2. Hello Andy,
    My daughter is 17 years old. Her period is very painful and the bleeding is very strong. Stomach and leg cramps start a couple days before her period and it is very strong. She feels weak and nauseous,her whole body hurts. I wanted to ask if Serrapeptase would help her. Thank you,

  3. cathleen says:

    hello I was recently diagnosed with a retroperitoneal bleed post lovenox for blood clots post placenta Previa and c section. I am looking to add this instead of going on Coumadin and lovenox again. I have a large clot that I would like to dissolve and also prevent further clots. How long is it recommend to take nattokinase? Should it be taken indefinitely?

    • There are no side effects to nattokinase Cathleen, so (as far as my research indicates) you can take it as long as necessary. But I would recommend a combination of both nattokinase and serrapeptase for your condition, Blockbuster Allclear (see the recommended products page for more information). This will help with blood clots and also keep your blood system healthy.

      For more information, please sign up for our newsletter below and I will send you a 240 page book for free, which you can read more about these and other natural products, which doctors would never (usually) recommend..!

      Take good care of yourself Cathleen.


    • There is still much research to be done on enzyme therapy Cathleen. In theory, you should be able to stop once to clot has dispersed, but I have similar problems and prefer to take serrapeptase permanently, and nattokinase in 3 month stints on top. This works best for me, but you would need to find your own best dosage.

      Wishing you the best of health.


  4. Desmond Meridian says:

    Hi Andy,
    I was diagnosed with essential hypertension and have been struggling to get my BP down. Now, I also have been advised of a possible stroke risk, therefore the doctor prescribed me baby aspirin in addition to BP meds (lisinopril, HCTZ and propranolol). For the first time in my life I feel “sick” and I’m 37 years old. I have been maintaining a BP of 122/85 but want to be better. I also want to get off the baby aspirin. Can Nattokinase help? I’ve searched through the reviews and not many reflecting someone in my situation.

    • Hi Desmond, thanks for your message.

      Have you read our article on this topic .. if not, please use the search button and you will soon find it. There is a single comment at the bottom of the page from Maria (I think..), who used nattokinase and lowered her own BP.

      But, to answer your question here .. yes, I believe you could benefit from taking nattokinase!

      Good luck Desmond, I wish you the best of health. Please come back and give our readers an update sometime in the future please.


  5. Annie Long says:

    I had a eye stroke, (crao, leaving me blind in my left eye) was told to take at least a full strength aspirin daily. I am terrified of an 2nd eye stroke in my good right eye. I have been taking Nattokinase and Serrpeptase for 2 months now. While still taking a baby aspirin. I am wanting to drop the aspirin all together, but so afraid of a 2nd eye stroke. Now, I am having signs of minor bleeding in my nose. I am thinking it’s safe to stop taking the baby aspirin now. But for now, I will continue to take my garlic & Turmeric tabs, but will alternate them. One day garlic, then next day Turmeric. What do you think? Would love your input. Donated blood last week and everything went fine. My donation bag seemed to fill up faster than before.

    • Hi Annie, thanks for the contact. And I’m very sorry to hear of your poor eye health.
      It sounds like you’ve answered your own question Annie, if you’ve noticed ‘thinner’ blood. But, be careful you are not still taking too many anti-coagulant supplements, even if they are of a holistic nature. If you still get nose bleeds etc after stopping the aspirin, maybe think about reducing the curcumin/turmeric to and see if it helps.

  6. I have a blood clot in my liver. I take lovenox daily. the doctors tell me there is no way to dissolve the clot. Is nattokinase going to help it dissolve.

    • I’m not 100% sure .. but as there are no real side effects with nattokinase, why not try it (but check first, that there are no reactions with the drug you are already administered).

  7. Virgil Davis says:

    I was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis two years ago. I was coughing up thick mucus all night and day. They said there was nothing to cure it but there was a medicine to help you live with it with a cost of thousand of dollars per month. I searched the internetor help and I found serrapeptase and food grade hydrogen peroxide. I take three of Drs Best serrapeptase two or three times daily. I take the peroxide 15 to 25 drops in a glass of water two or three times daily. I now never cough at night and very few times daily I am a true believer..

  8. Is it ok to keep serrapeptase and nattokinase in the refrigerator?

  9. can you take serrapeptase and nattokinese together on an empty stomach?

  10. I read on your blog about Nattokinase being used to lower blood pressure and help prevent clotting. But, what about its use to replace Coumadin for someone who has a current blood clot?

  11. Geraldine hUebner says:

    Hi Andy,

    When I was young I was diagnosed with Rheumatic Fever.
    I am in my sixties is it safe to take Nattokinase

    I am allergic to Red yeast. Does Nattokinase have red yeast.



    • Hello Geraldine,

      Sorry for the delay replying, I’ve been away for a little while. I don’t know how red yeast is derived, but there is none in nattokinase. I think you should be safe to take nattokinase, but if you are considering it for anti-inflammatory purposes, have you read all about serrapeptase? It may suit your condition better for that reason.

  12. edward kaluf says:

    how can I get on nattokinase when my doctor is sold only on drugs and wont hear of any natural.I am getting tired of doctors that are bought out by the drug companies I am ready ntoo quit warafin I take 4 mgs of warafin how much natto must i take to equal this amount

    • Hi Edward, and thanks for your message. You’re right, some doctors won’t even hear of a natural product being useful. This, I believe, is because the pharmaceutical industry creates too much fuss and makes too much money about their drugs – to put it lightly.

      I would not like to suggest a dose for you, all I can do is tell you what does I took, which was double the recommended dose of Good Health USA Nattokinase. I hope this helps, but if you find a doctor that DOES believe in natural products, please come back and inform us. Thank you.

  13. J. Carraw. says:

    Morning, Andy..

    What effect does taking natto have on balancing cholesterol LDL, and HDL?

    Thanksd for yuor time, And.

    • HI JC,

      Thanks for the contact. Nattokinase is a natural blood thinner/anticoagulant, which is beneficial for any level of heart function. Better blood flow and clean blood goes a long way towards fighting bad cholesterol.

  14. I have been on warafin since 1991 when i had two artificial heart valves put in my heart.
    i have my own INR/PT machine. I keep the INR around 2.6. I’m hoping to find an alternative
    therapy for the warafin. I need to research this in order to get an accurate dosage and to be
    able to get my doctor properly informed. I would appreciate your help in finding this information.

  15. Hi Andy, I’ve just been diagnosed with very high blood pressure (2117/106) & was told by the doctor that it’s just old age (73) so he won’t order any tests. Because I’m a Homoeopath, I don’t believe things can go so horribly wrong without a tangible cause. I was almost fatally poisoned by pesticide’s 16 years ago & have been struggling with my health ever since. Detoxing is painfully slow due to the massive quantity in my body & the subsequent inability of my detox pathways to cope with large amounts. I’ve begun to take 80,000 x 3 caps of serrapeptase & intend to build it up over time. Having just found out about Nattokinase, I would like to add it to my regimen but am unsure how much to take. I believe the inflammation of my blood vessels & indeed my whole body has caused narrowing of my arteries & thickened my blood. If I can clean them out, thin my blood & continue to detox, I think I’ll be on a winner! Could you give me an idea of the amount of Nattokinase, now that I’m also taking the serrapeptase please. Many thanks.

    • Hi Bev,

      Thank you for your message, I’m sorry to hear of your troubles. Please remember that I am not a doctor, just a health enthusiast who found the benefits of nattokinase. I take the recommended dose and it works wonders for me. Just two capsules per day is enough to thin my blood, I recently clarified this when I cut myself (by accident).

      The bleeding took twice as much time as usual to clot and stop. It works great for my blood circulation as a result. I would follow what it says on the bottle, start off with one tablet and then maybe increase to two if you notice slight changes.

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